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Mobile Gadgets: Cheetah GPS Mirror Review

Updated on March 15, 2011


If you rarely travel outside of your everyday route the cost of a GPS may seem out of line. Even so, the use of GPS technology is very helpful and can save you time and money. Have you ever used a radar detector? Did you trust what it was telling you each time it beeped? Are you convinced that there should be a better way to navigate through traffic while protecting yourself from traffic tickets?

Even if you do not plan to speed sometimes you do. Have you ever accidentally run a red light? Many cities are using cameras to catch speeders and red light runners. There is no obvious way to know where those cameras are located. The Cheetah GPS Mirror has you covered. Unlike a “backseat” driver this voice will accurately warn you of impending traffic eyes in the sky.

Detects Red Light and Speed Cameras

The Cheetah GPS Mirror clips over your existing rear view mirror and plugs into the cigarette lighter. Once plugged in the built in GPS determines your exact location. Using its built in database you will be alerted to traffic speed and red light cameras. It even knows the history of accident-prone intersections and known speed traps. Data updates are as close as a USB cable and your Internet connected PC.

Other features include an integrated clock, a compass and a speed display. In the invent you need to know your exact location there is a “Rescue Me” button that when pushed – you will be told your coordinates (Longitude and Latitude). What if you know about a speed trap that the Cheetah GPS Mirror does not? As you approach the area push the button and it will be added to the database.

Have you noticed that the cruise control does not always keep your car at an exact speed? Unless you are on an even road with no hills or valleys your speed may vary enough to set off a radar gun. To alleviate the possibilities of speeding, the cheetah GPS Mirror can be set to monitor your speed.

GPS is a free service available to you. It can keep you safe, it can warn you of dangerous intersections and it can keep you aware of your speed. It knows where you are and it will tell you where that is. Many GPS devices require a paid traffic alert subscription for some of the features that the Cheetah GPS Mirror offers at no extra charge.


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