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Mobile Gadgets: Flash Drive Shuttles and Cases

Updated on March 13, 2011


Flash drives are tiny little gadgets in relation to their function. Typically about two inches long and about a half inch wide their capacity to hold data is enormous. Their popularity is such that we all have multiple drives and keeping up with them can often be harder than you might think.

A flash drive left in a pocket is likely to get laundered. A flash drive left in a pocket that goes to a dry cleaners, is open to the possibility of being compromised. A flash drive tossed into a bag may be lost for a very long time (until the bag is cleaned out).

I carry two of my flash drives in my change purse. It is easy to know where they are but it is inconvenient when I need to get to my money. However, keeping them there has taught me to always put them away before moving on.

Flash drives are worth carrying with you everywhere!

There are cases (also called shuttles) for flash drives that are specifically designed to hold them. Some cases hold multiple drives while others hold just one. Unless multiple drives are needed with you at all times, I may suggest having both type of cases. The multiple flash drive case makes sense for at home or office and the single case makes sense for your bag or purse.

Flash drive cases (shuttles) designed to store one or two drives often have a key ring attached to them. I like this feature but if you are like me, there is not any room left on your key ring for even one more key. Most bags have either a built in key ring or a decorative ring on the handle that is a perfect spot for a flash drive case. Neoprene is a fabric often used for a these flash drive cases so they are soft and will not scratch or damage the drive or other contents of your bag.

Larger flash drive cases (shuttles) often have a zipper that reaches around three sides so they open wide allowing for easy access to the different drives. At one time I traveled as a computer tech and often had separate flash drives for various types of diagnostic software tools. The case was like a little tool box and made me look more organized than I really was at times.

The USB Quick Grip Flash Drive Holder is a combination of the two other styles mentioned above. The neoprene case (shuttle) has three slots for flash drives and a back pocket for a compact digital camera or MP3 player.

You may think that a flash drive case is a little over the top but with their reasonable prices they may be something to consider having on hand. They also make useful inexpensive gifts for those that cannot keep up with small gadgets.


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    • SoManyPaths profile image

      SoManyPaths 8 years ago from West Coast USA

      I keep mine in one bag. just great gadgets to have especially since they are cheaper than 4 or 5 years ago.