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GPS Cases that Protect 4.3 Inch Touchscreens

Updated on July 21, 2014

Deciding on a case for any electronic gadget is not easy. Those that protect your gadget investment without a lot of extra features is a plus. A smooth finish and a belt clip as well as space for an SD card, a credit card or a few dollar bills are a benefit.  The goal is not to add to much extra bulk. 

GPS devices with Touchscreens are great to use but they are difficult to carry around. It is important that the device itself is small because once you place it into a carrying case its bulk is increased substantially. There are many different GPS cases available and it is a personal choice which one is the best.

After hunting for weeks for my cell phone case I decided on one similar to the GPS cases I picture and describe here. The magnetic closure is easy to open and close and the soft lining protects the Touchscreen surface. The belt clip on the back is great for clipping on my belt or waistband during the day. It is unobtrusive and it looks professional. That said – I also wear it while I jog.

One of my favorite GPS cases is the Gilsson Premium Leather Case that fits 4.3” GPS devices such as the Garmin Nuvi line. It is sleek and all business. It looks a lot like my cell phone case and it is very functional without taking up much room in my purse or bag. There is a flat front pocket that could easily accommodate a credit card or cash bills as well as a SD card. The top is open with a simple strap that secures the GPS.

Gilsson has another case that I like as well. It is similar to the one I just mentioned except there is full flap covering the GPS and a belt clip. A full flap is nice if your GPS will be subjected to dust or crumbs. Anyone that wears a belt consistently would probably appreciate the easy access. 

Similar to the other two GPS cases this one is designed primarily for the Garmin Nuvi line of 4.3 Widescreen GPS devices. It has a full flap that covers the GPS but instead of closing with a magnetic snap it is held shut by Velcro. The same type of velvet-like lining protects the Touchscreen. There is a belt clip of the back. This case differs from the other two by adding a wrist strap. A pink version is available.

 If you are someone that likes to hook your electronic device cases onto the strap of a bag these are not the cases for you. The case pictured here may suit your needs better. A Hard Case with a zipper closure and a Carabiner Clip makes this case a good choice for an active lifestyle.


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