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Mobile Gadgets: Microsoft Arc Mouse Wireless and Portable

Updated on August 30, 2011

A traveling mouse is usually so small that even my small female hands are too large to use it comfortably. Nevertheless it was once a permanent traveling companion to my laptop. Giving up precious space in my bag for a full size mouse was not a good option.

Since the Microsoft Arc Mouse has come onto the scene I may be willing to change my thinking. The Arc Mouse is a full size mouse except when folded. Even when folded it is a bit larger than those tiny ones I have used in the past. The wireless feature is a great idea. Even the micro-transceiver hitches a ride on the underbelly of the Arch Mouse during travel.

Non-corded devices depend on battery power. That can be an issue for mobile devices but the Arc Mouse can depend on its batteries for up to six months if folded between uses. Folding it automatically shuts the power off. Two AAA batteries fit inside and a red indicator light reminds you to change out the old for the new when the power begins to wane.

Size, portability and battery life are not the only reasons that an Arc Mouse is a good idea. Its design works for both right and left handed users. There is a scroll wheel and customizable buttons. A solid “snap” signals you when the metal hinges are firmly in place whether opened or closed. Laser technology makes the Arch Mouse extremely accurate and the overall shape supports your hand and wrist for hours of comfortable computing.

Color choices include Blue, Green, White, Black, Red and Purple.

Overall I really like this mouse. I like the sleek modern look, the comfortable design when in use and the convenient ability to be 60 percent of its former self when not in use. I like that it powers on and off thus saving battery power. I like that the batteries are AAA which are available everywhere and I like that it is wireless and cordless. I like that everything you need is together in one unique package


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