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Mobile Gadgets: Mobidapter and other Cell Phone SIM Card Backup Devices

Updated on September 30, 2015

If you Lose Your Contacts You Lose Time and Find Stress

The call to back up data on a desktop or laptop computer is heard loud and clear – but how often is it heard that data on a cell phone should be backed up as well. Could it be that we are unaware of the unique SIM Card backup devices that are available? Do we believe that it is not a necessary process? I think that it is a bit of both.

There is also confusion about what data is on the SIM card and what data is on the Micro- SD Card. If all data ended up on the Micro-SD Card it would be a simple process to remove it from a cell phone, place it into an adapter and back up the data to a computer.

The SIM Card holds what is probably the most important data – the phone book and contact list. The Phone Book and contact list alone is worth the time and effort to back up your SIM Card.

Previous to my iPhone 3G, I used a cell phone equipped with Microsoft Mobile software. I synced my mobile phone data regularly through ActiveSync so my addresses, email addresses and phone numbers were safely stored on my laptop as well as on my cell phone. I do not feel as safe with my iPhone.

I found multiple devices that offer an easy way to backup a cell phone SIM Card. They are reasonably priced and operate much the same as any other memory card reader. My interest was peaked when I read about the Mobidapter. I like the design of the Mobidapter. I like that cell phone data can be transferred to and from a USB device without using a computer.

There are multiple other devices that perform the same task - maybe not as elegantly - but the same tasks as well.

One of my friends purchased a new cell phone. The clerk at the cell phone store accidentally deleted the SIM Card instead of backing it up. Obviously that is not supposed to happen. A lost cell phone eliminates any possible recovery of important data.

How long would it take to re-enter all of your contacts, phone numbers and email addresses? Would you even know who they are? I have contacts in my cell phone that I only use once a year – I would never be able to replace them from memory.

Do you have a horror story about losing SIM Card data? How do you backup your SIM Card data?


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