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Mophie Juice Battery Packs Extend iPhone Charge

Updated on July 30, 2013

Double your iPhone 3G and 3GS battery Life even while using it

Although there are multiple mobile iPhone charging solutions there is one that appears to be good at both providing extra power for an iPhone as well as re-charging an iPhone (at the same time).

Battery life is not the most functional feature of an iPhone 3G S – or any other iPhone as far as that goes. If an iPhone is used the way it is advertised you are lucky to get through a full day before needing a re-charge. As long as you are home or near a charging cable this is no big problem – but most of us are on the go and we depend on our iPhones to keep up with us.

Mophie Juice Pack fits much like an iPhone Case

The Mophie Juice Pack looks similar to an iPhone case. The iPhone slips into it and there is no awkward battery pack jutting out from the end of the iPhone. The Mophie Juice Pack is available in different versions. An extra few hours can be had from a Mophie Juice Air and an extra 6 hours or so can be had from the Mophie Juice Pack.

The Mophie Juice Pack Air has a trade off. Thin with fewer hours of power. The Mophie Juice Pack provides more hours of power but it is thicker – visualize an iPhone only twice as thick.

What is my favorite feature of the Mophie Juice Pack?

The Juice Pack gives up its own power before it lets the iPhone use any battery power of its own. In other words – the Mophie Juice Pack extends the iPhone battery life up front. The iPhone will still have a full charge after using the Mophie Juice Pack.

Let us be real here. We all want extended power for our iPhone but we do not want to look weird while getting it. Mophie recently had a contest where 10 lucky winners won a Mophie Battery Pack Air – I was not one of them. I will purchase my own and I will report back to you on what I really think.


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