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Sony Vaio Z Series 13.1" Ultra-Portable Laptop with Hybrid Graphics System

Updated on July 21, 2014

There is little that I like to do more than to talk about cool gadgets. The Sony Z Series laptops falls into a category that is hard to rival. They are small (13.1 inch), they are lightweight (3.42 Pounds) but they are powerful (2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) and they are fast (4GB RAM).

Whether you feel comfortable with a hard drive or an SSD you have a choice. Options include average hard drives up to 320GB and an SSD up to 256GB. If you prefer Windows XP to Windows Vista Operating system it is available on some Z configurations. Memory expansion slots are integrated for Memory Stick Pro media, an SD Memory Card and an ExpressCard.

If you are one of us that tote a laptop along wherever we go, the Vaio Z Series laptops are perfect. Not too small and not too big either. Strength is important for a truly mobile laptop and the Z Series does not disappoint. The multi-layer carbon fiber exterior panel resists damage and a scratch resistant coating protects the screen. I own a Sony Vaio TX laptop that is made from the same carbon fiber. It is gorgeous. The matte black finish is so smooth it is a pleasure to touch. It looks very professional and fingerprints are not an issue.

Shock protection is great for peace of mind. Again, if you carry it everywhere there is an increased risk that an accident could happen. Sony has included G-Sensor technology (protects files in case of sudden movements or bumps) on some Z models. The Aluminum keyboard actually protects inside components.

Every Vaio Series has something truly special that sets it apart. The graphics system is a hybrid. You can actually switch (on the fly) between one graphics chips to the other which is an Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS.

The XBRITE-DuraView LCD has a 1600 x 900 resolution. The Widescreen design increases the space available to work or to simply enjoy. The HD resolution highlights the capabilities of the Blu-ray Disc technology. Burning data, digital photos, music or movies can be taken to the extreme – 25-50GB capable per disc.

Everyone is interested in the battery life. Up to six hours on a standard battery and up to nine hours on a large capacity battery is enough to get a lot of work done. Other features that add to your productivity include a QWERTY keyboard, a MOTION EYE video cam with a microphone and an electro-static touch pad.

Connectivity options are Fast Ethernet, Modem, Wireless LAN WiFi, Wireless WAN (Sprint Broadband) and Bluetooth.

You can share all of this goodness or you can lock everyone else out with the Biometric Fingerprint Sensor.



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