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Mobile Gadgets: Transcend SDHC Memory Cards Bundled with Card Reader

Updated on March 15, 2011

SDHC memory cards are a great choice for use with video cameras and point and shoot cameras. Transfer speeds for SDHC memory cards are much faster then that of a CD and is more versatile. SDHC cards hold much more date, music, digital photos, video and the like than a standard CD while being physically much smaller. Not much bigger than a postage stamp their capacities can easily reach 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. Believe me, even the 16GB SDHC memory card fills up faster than you would ever think that it would. Best to have more than one at all times.

Computers and laptops with built-in SDHC memory card readers fulfill a need that most of us have. If you use a digital camera, a cell phone or any other gadget that accepts SDHC memory cards you will eventually need to view the files on a computer. Without a built-in reader you need an external reader.

How to use any Memory Card Reader on Mac or PC

Fast SDHC Memory Card with SDHC Memory Card Reader

Transcend has an idea to help us out. When you purchase one of their cards it is possible to receive a Transcend memory card reader as part of the package. It looks like a typical USB flash drive except that it has a slot in the side that accepts a memory card. Plug the SDHC memory card into the reader; plug the reader into an available USB port and your files can be viewed, edited, deleted or even transferred.

In the past a memory card reader was much larger. There were several models and they all worked well – but again, they were much larger than this one.

The Transcend memory card reader is capable of reading a very fast memory card such as those used for digital photography. It is able to read very high capacity SDHC memory cards as well. It is important to understand that the SDHC is different than the typical SD standard. The SDHC is a newer standard and supports memory capacities of 4GB or larger. Before purchasing a SDHC memory card for an older digital camera for example – you need to check for compatibility. SDHC memory cards are not backwards compatible with SD devices while SD cards can be used in both SD and SDHC devices.


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