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Mobile Gadgets: Z-Nano Optical Mouse

Updated on March 13, 2011

The World's Smallest Optical Laser Mouse

Storage space in bags and suitcases do not allow for a lot of unnecessary gadgets but maybe you could find enough space for the World’s Smallest Optical Mouse. Traveling with a small laptop – especially those without a touch mouse pad is a dreaded experience. Traveling with a full size computer mouse does not make the experience much better so why would you?

Instead of that full size and bulky optical laser mouse why not travel with the Z-Nano Optical Mouse that is near the size of the USB end of a USB cable or my dainty little thumb. Does a mouse that is controlled by a finger tip sound too small for you?

Don’t let the tiny size fool you into thinking that the Z-Nano Optical Mouse does not perform up to par. The user can choose optical tracking from 100 DPI all the way up to 1600DPI. Accuracy is a side-effect of the Z-Nano’s high sensitivity. Do you realize that a typical laser optical mouse tracks at the most about 800 DPI?


If you enjoy handsfree scrolling the Z-Nano won’t let you down. Automatic hands free scrolling is one of the amazing features of the tiny Z-Nano. Two-button clicking is accomplished from the sides of the Z-Nano.

There is space to add a favorite photo for user personalization and the built in LED light helps you see it in low light conditions.

All in all, the Z-Nano laser optical mouse is very useful and has to be one of the easiest gadget that you can travel with. The USB cable can withstand being packed over and over due to its medical grade materials. A magnet creates a snug fit between the Z-Nano and its USB plug.

I read a lot of joking around about the Z-Nano. It is so small that some people cannot imagine using it for any length of time. Personally, I think that it is very cool. It is true that the price is the biggest feature but the convenience is worth it. I would simply pack it away in my gadget travel bag and it would be there as soon as I need it – one less thing to grab off my desk as I race out of the door.


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