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Mobile Phone Video

Updated on July 7, 2011

Back in the days before T.V, humans gathered around a stage to be entertained. Then the world was shocked by the invention of the t.v. It wasn't long before they were shocked by the color television. Today's changes have been to plasma and HD, but the T.V.. may be dead. Mobile video is getting alot better and is slowly crippling television.

Mobile Video is Getting Alot Better

Television is changing a lot as the way we know it as mobile video worldwide soars. mobile phone videos are being used to download apps by the millions. 3g mobile video phones encompass the majority of all brands. 4g phones now exist as well. Television could have never be dethroned simply by those fuzzy 2 sq inch screens, with block text messages, and ugly interfaces. Over time mobile video is getting alot better and this forces television back into a haze.

Many ask why mobile video is getting alot better. To them I say just open your eyes! We live in a world where microchips the size of your fingernail can practically power a self-aware robot for crying out loud. At first cell phones were the only mobile devices out there with any sort of media connection. Of course there have also been pdas, ipads, mini-laptops, and a lot of other similar devices with different marketing names and twists. Mobile devices are just little computers, and there is no shortage of new technology streaming towards cell phones 24/7 from computer companies.


Pretty sweet when cell phone companies can just use the technology off of the research and development efforts of Fortune 500 computer conglomerates I think. It is amazing for me to have grown up with the good old fashion telephone. I watched as advancements first ripped away the cord. Than they digitized the sound while simultaneously releasing the first cellular mammoths. They looked like a brick and barely fit in your glove box, but hey they worked. Now we can watch sports, a moive and more on our phones, on the subways or in our cars or where ever we choose.


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