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Modern SEO Strategies For Local Business

Updated on March 5, 2015

SEO For Local Business

It's not enough to simply build a website for your business and hope that prospective customers will show up in droves.

You must have a plan to market your website to the masses (in and around your area at the very least) and SEO can be a great way to gain some traffic from organic search results.

Local SEO Strategies

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it breaks down into 3 specific yet challenging areas of focus...

Onpage SEO

Offpage SEO

Social Signals

Onpage SEO entails everything that needs to be done to a website to make it relevant in the eyes of search engines, including such technical things as meta tags, title tags, headers, footers, etc.

Everything that a search engine needs to know about your business should be easily recognizable on your site, which is to say that if you are a roof repair specialist located in Wilmington, Delaware then you probably shouldn't populate your website with articles about luxury landscaping in the Las Vegas Valley.

Common sense, right?

Online Website Promotion

What is your favorite way to drive traffic to your website?

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Offpage SEO consists of everything that we do in the real world to get our site noticed by the major search engines, which is to say we're trying to curry favor with Google. Let's face, Big-G runs the cyber planet right now.

Backlinking from popular, relevant web properties is widely considered to be a best practice approach to offpage SEO tactics, which could include a variety of strategies ranging from guest posting on popular blogs to spamming forums with signature links.

Some popular strategies often include video submissions, press releases, and social bookmarking sites.

Social signals can just be considered an extension of the offpage aspect of the search engine optimization process, but it's quickly becoming an entity all to itself.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and linkedin are all becoming mainstream buzzwords, just to name a few social properties.

What reputable business do you know of in the current climate that doesn't have AT LEAST a Facebook page or a Twitter account?


There ya have it, a succinct, bare-bones overview of the SEO process as it pertains to local business entities. I hope this helps you on your never-ending quest to drive targeted traffic to your online business empire.


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