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Modern Technology and Social Networks are Killing Work Performance

Updated on May 5, 2017

It's All About the Cell Bout the Cell

My Experiment

People in general have complained about the lack of interaction between staff of businesses and customers and I really can see that their complaints are truthful for the most part. I conducted a one day study in a hospital to see if there really was a reason for complaints.

I entered the hospital and went to the service desk, where three volunteers were sitting. All engrossed in something on ones phone and I said nothing. I waited until they finally looked up to see that I was there needing some help. I would say a good three minutes went by before I was even acknowledge.

I finally asked if someone could tell me where the outpatient lab was located. One pointed down the hallway without even looking up that I could find it if I just followed the signs. I figured that since they were volunteers I wouldn't make too much of an Irish tempered gesture because after all they are not getting paid by anyone.

I walked down the hall acting like I was lost and passed at least six employees that were so in to their phones, that they almost ran in to me. Not one apology or one can I help you came out of their mouths. My Irish ears were burning now.

As I came to the receptionist in the lab, she was on her phone talking to her dawg and dat help went out da window. She told me to hold on a minute. Huh???? Now my Irish nose is twitching. I did not stay to see what kind of help I was going to get. I decided to go to the next floor because truly someone would help me.

I came off the elevator on the second floor and walked to the desk. The charge nurse was looking down and as I peaked over the desk I could see her phone on Facebook. I didn't say a word. I stood there to see how long it was going to take to get any help. By this time, my Irish chin was becoming tighter as I did everything I could not to let words fly out of my mouth that would cause me a trip to jail. When she finally looked up, I walked away in disgust.

Walking down the halls I said good morning and no one responded. Nurses and nursing assistants alike were lined up in the hallway sitting at their computers either looking at videos on their computers or Facebook on their phones.

I made my way throughout the hospital and the only place that I got help was in the cafeteria. No one was on their phones and I told the manager, you should pass along to other managers that they shouldn't allow employees to be on their phones while at work.

Even if I only did this experiment to write a hub, how many times does this happen in a days time and how many unhappy customers complain to deaf ears in management?

Mona Lisa would have text properly.

Should phones be allowed in the work place?

20 years ago we relied on house phones, neighbors and teachers to let us know what our kids were doing. I have had coworkers text me who were in the next room because they didn't want to get up and lose their status updates on Facebook.

My job does not require any interaction with people unless it is my coworkers, however I believe that just like you should leave home at the door, so should the use of cell phones. Some would disagree, but how productive are you with them sitting right next to you?

I think that people with children should have them incase they need to get in touch with their child or vice versa, however there is just no good use that comes out of an employee who spends most of their day on social networks or texting.

Selfie Who?

Imagine This......

Imagine how history would go: 1909 Wilbur Wright flies around the Statue of Liberty to fall from the sky for texting while driving. 1912 the Titanic sunk because the Captain was sexting a guest. 1963 Martin Luther Kings I had a dream speech was posted on facebook and only sixty of his 5,000 friends like his post. 1960 Jackie Kennedy watches her husband debate Richard Nixon on Skype. 1969 Neil Armstrong would have walked on the moon, but his GPS was not working on his Iphone 6 and he landed on a meteor instead.

Yeah you can follow where I am going with this. None of those moments would have left any meaning to us if that is how it really played out.

End the Nonsense

I think we can all see that cell phones and social networks are wreaking havoc on employees productivity. Seriously you can't even get an oil change fast anymore. Jiffy Lube has become iffy lube and Puxatawny Phil can't give you the weeks left until spring because his care givers year round didn't set his alarm on his cell phone to wake up on Ground Hogs Day.

It affects everything and everyone

How many fights are posted on facebook daily? People don't care about helping the person having the crap being beat out of them, they just want to get it on their phone and post it for the world to see.

While you are at work, put your phone away. People need to have positive customer service relationships and there is nothing that irks me more then being in a store and needing help or anywhere I go and the person that I need to help me is on their cell phone. I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way, but humans have become down right rude due to cell phones and social media.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great points. All this electronic gadgetry is supposed to help efficiency, and in some ways it definitely does, but people focus on that and not on all the ways it hurts.

    • forbcrin profile image

      Crin Forbes 2 years ago from Michigan

      Ha, ha, ha, it will not be long before a condition of employment will be if you have or not have a cell phone!

      I wonder if in the third world country they use their cellphones at the same rate they are using it here while at work. I try to figure out the young programmers in India texting ad nauseam while "working" at the table. Or the Chinese who are "stealing our jobs", are they doing as well?