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Modern Technology has made communication non existent

Updated on April 22, 2012

Why we don't talk anymore

How many times this week have you actually called someone, spoke to them instead of texting or going back and forth on facebook, or just sat over a cup of coffee face to face chatting about anything?

The answer to this question is probably none or just some of you have. Modern technology has made communication practically non existent. We text our bosses when we aren't coming to work. We text our children, parents, and friends throughout the day so the need to call them isn't necessary. We even text our spouses or significant others also.

I refuse to let this technology come between my family, friends, and even coworkers.

How many times have you been at work and text someone that is sitting right in front of you? We all have done it.

Communication is so important on so many levels. As a writer I know the detriment texting can have an ill affect on people and you know why? Because everyone interprets words differently. If someone doesn't know your personality they can surely misconstrue your words and make them how they want them to sound, which has caused many arguments.

Is it really so aweful to pick up the phone and talk to the very people you use to love to talk to before cell phones and texting even came about? Is sharing your whole life on one page on the internet so important that you might be saying too much?

People think about your loved ones and friends and that one day they might not be here for you to say anything to. Would you want the last memory of them to be "well I text them three days ago and they didn't answer"? Maybe because they were ill but you didn't have the time to call.

Have our lives become so consumed with computers, cell phones and all the social net works, that we have forgotten to say in words I love you today?

Life is precious and it does not last a long time. Some are taken at an early age and others who do live to be old will tell you life was too short because it is.

Don't let modern technology come between your family and friends. Pick up the phone, make a date to go out and have some fun times. You don't want to write memories on a facebook wall of someone who passed away that won't ever see it.

There is no time like the present to tell someone you love them in words not in texting. Make today the first day of your last day of texting. Pick up the phone and call.


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