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More Best Must-Try Free Android Games July 2010 (High end or low end phones)

Updated on August 26, 2011


I hope to highlight a few must-try games very few weeks that highlight the gaming capability of the Android phones, esp. high-end ones such as Moto Droid. Most should work on top-end phones such as Droid X, Droid Incredible, Captivate, Ally, and so on. However, as all Android phones are a bit different, compatibility is not guaranteed.

Space Trader "combat" screen
Space Trader "combat" screen

Space Trader

Space Trader from Black Cat's Lab is not a strict port of the original "Space Trader" on the Palm OS, but more like "inspired by". Some mechanics are same, yet others are different.

This game brings back some nostalgia as I actually wrote an FAQ for the Space Trader on PalmOS, a free game. It no longer apply here.

Game-wise, the limited amount of terms feels very tight, as one turn basically means one inter-system jump, and making money is actually very easy, as the profit margin on steady trading runs is pretty constant. It will take a VERY long time (a dozen turns) to deplete the market. The lack of Galactic map also limits its appeal. The developer also doesn't seem to speak English, as some of the language, as shown in the screenshot, is odd.

Still, give it a try. How much profit can you eek out in 50 turns or 100 turns?

Chessroad screenshot via
Chessroad screenshot via

Chessroad Chinese Chess

For those of you who knows Chinese Chess (which may predate the Western version), there's an app on the Android that has a pretty strong AI engine.

The rules are very similar between Western Chess and Chinese Chess. The Pawns are still pawns. Knights are still knights, and rooks are still rooks. Even the movement rules are the same. It's the other pieces that'll confuse you...Such as elephants, guards, and cannons.

There is only one problem: the app is in Chinese. But if you read Chinese well enough to figure out the pieces, or if you know the Chinese Chess pieces pretty well, you may want to give it a try. It is certainly a change from the regular chess, and an intellectual challenge.

Bubble Defense ice field level
Bubble Defense ice field level

Bubble Defense

Bubble Defense is a variation of Tower Defense, where the enemies move along a pre-defined path, and your job is just to place and upgrade the towers. There are only four types of towers, but each have three upgrade levels, and the game comes with multiple maps (different paths).

The towers are regular, six-shooter, flame (only to thaw the "frozen" bubbles), and teleport (send the target back to beginning of the path). Upgrades make them shoot more often and cover larger areas. The idea is to let as few bubbles through as possible.

The bubbles can be rather devious, as some contain lesser bubbles when burst, while the ice bubbles need to be "thawed" by the flame tower. Some bubbles are fast, some are slow, so you will need all types.

Screenshot of AstroCommander, via AndroPIT
Screenshot of AstroCommander, via AndroPIT


AstroCommander is basically "missile command" updated a bit, with a bit of RPG feel of upgrades, and better graphics.

The rules are self-explanatory... How many cities can be you defend, and for how long?

But then there's the tricky part... What upgrades should you go for at the end of level? Shields? Cooling towers to improve firing rate? Or other upgrades?

As you can see, graphics are pretty good, though gameplay is about the same.


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