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Most Comfortable Bluetooth Headset

Updated on August 31, 2011

Bluetooth headsets are getting more popular. Since multitasking is becoming increasing common among people, having that hands free device can be so convenient. Drivers often face this when they try to multitask driving and using the phone. With only one hand on the wheel, driving while talking on the phone is incredibly dangerous. It doesn't matter if you are the best driver in the world, you can never anticipate what other drivers might do. And it's those things that can happen that we can't think of that will need to use of two hands in a split second.

Many business people have a bluetooth headset on all day. They can take and make calls with ease without stopping anything they are doing with there hands. But having something like a bluetooth headset on your ear all day can get very uncomfortable. You wouldn't buy earrings that feel uncomfortable when you wear them. Many bluetooth headsets are designed in a basic block shape. Sometimes they are hard to keep on, especially if you lean forward or backward. The most comfortable bluetooth headsets are specifically designed to fit the ear in a snug and secure way. The best brands for bluetooth headsets don't come from the same companies that make cell phones, but independent companies that are more focused on relatively simpler products. The following is a collection of the most comfortable bluetooth headsets you can buy online.


Most Comfortable Bluetooth Headset

Samsung WEP301

"Designed for the user who seeks value without compromising quality or performance, the WEP301 virtually seals off the ear canal to block ambient noise and facilitate crystal clear communication. This smart design also means the headset stays securely in place, whether you choose to use the detachable ear hook or not."


Bluetrek Metal Evolution

"Building on the success of the original Bluetrek Metal earpiece for Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, the new Metal Evolution incorporates Bluetrek’s proprietary NoiseLock noise cancellation technology which effectively eliminates up to 80dB in background noise for clear, easy-to-hear conversations."


Jabra STONE2

"Taking the ease-of-use of the original STONE to the next level, the Jabra STONE2 Bluetooth headset allows you to use just your voice to answer or reject a call--no need to even touch the headset. Additionally, it offers multimedia capabilities and optimization with a wide variety of voice enabled applications."


Sound ID 510

"Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled mobile phones (2.0 and higher), Sound ID 5 Series Premium Bluetooth Headsets combine the best industry features into one sleek and powerful headset, plus the refined sound quality you've come to expect from Sound ID. With touch sensitive volume control, easy one button functionality, 3X NoiseNavigation with advanced wind protection, and even more!"


Plantronics Voyager PRO+

"Delivering premium sound quality, comfort, and hands-free convenience, the Plantronics Voyager PRO+ improves on the award-winning audio and design of the Voyager PRO. Thanks to A2DP technology, you can now listen to your favorite music and podcasts through your headset, and also stream GPS directions from your mobile device."


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    • guywhoknowsbt profile image

      John Selvidge 5 years ago from Jeffersonville, IN

      I use Jabra Stone 2, like its quality sound and design.