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Most Useful iPhone Apps

Updated on March 2, 2011

I consider myself a fairly new iphone user. (Not new to Apple though, I had a super old Macintosh computer back when the apple icon was rainbow-colored!) I just got my first iphone 4 back in September of 2010. The main reason I purchased an iPhone though, was for the convenience and utility. Now that I've used the phone for several months, I realize that I CANNOT LIVE without this phone. As a small online business owner, this little device contains my entire business as well as my entire life! Because I use it for practical purposes more so than for looks, I wanted to make sure I had the best apps to make my life even more convenient!

So I began to search around for the best, most useful iphone apps!

Note: I personally have and use every one of the apps seen here. I have not been paid to advertise any of these apps. These are my personal opinions.

I know I said I bought it to be practical, but I still wanted it to look cute!
I know I said I bought it to be practical, but I still wanted it to look cute!


VoiceNotes are an amazing app invention! You can record all your notes through the speaker and play them back at any time! It's a great "self-reminding" product!

Fabulous for intense hubbers who can "voice jot down" their ideas anytime and anywhere!

Price: $0.99


We all know that America is the land of lawsuits. Don't get caught without evidence! This app records all calls, transcribes the recordings into text, works for calls that are international too! You can record important calls, record conference calls that need to be transcribed, dictate a letter/memo, capture phone interviews, utilize wifi to make calls and avoid roaming charges outside of the country!

Price: Free!


Tip and Split

Tired of calculating tips and trying to equally divide the bill amongst large groups? Get the tip and split! It'll divide, calculate and it's pretty attractive! It splits the bill up to 30 people and up to 30%. If you like to tip more, then this little app is not for you!

Price: Free!


PDF Reader Pro

This things is amazing with downloaded PDF files. The files download quickly, and the PDFs look great. Now, they even come with a document scanner feature.

Price: $0.99



Don't you ever want to add your own comments to photos and pictures? Now you can! You can add your snarky comments right over the picture and email it to all your friends!

Price: $1.99



If you're a runner, this app is a must! It tracks where you run, and how many calories you've burned. You can choose from a wide array of activities, not just running. They have mountain biking, swimming, rowing and more! Find out how much and how fast you're going.

Price: Free and Paid Version


TextPlus 4

This is a lifesaver. TextPlus is free texting when you have wifi! It saves me a ton of money every month, because I'm a major texter! Best of all, it even gives you a personal phone number.

Price: Free



Get all the latest updated news at your fingertips! I use this one everyday, and it doesn't take turning on the tv to keep up with the world!

Price: Free


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