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Most Useful and Fun Websites Online

Updated on February 26, 2018

The internet can be both a wonderful place of learning and fun, and a nightmarish dictionary of things that should not be known by anyone or anything. We can find anything these days because it is all online, every bit of it a click away. Now, it is true that most of our time online is used on watching a funny video on YouTube or stalking someone else's Facebook, but the web pages, the online community in general, has so much to offer. You can learn a language from home, pay tutors in websites like Cambly, create and research with all the resources at your finger tips. I have created a list of what I think are the most useful websites you should use in your everyday life.

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at
Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at | Source

Stumbleupon- Arrange your interests and hit stumble! It's as easy as this website guide of websites. Based on your likes, it will show you all the things online that relate back to it. I have found class upon class with this wonderful site and haven't stopped using it since I've found it. It's great, it's easy to use and you can find anything you like!

Office- This website is amazing for all workers and data show hosts. Filled to the brim with the templates and the images you desire, is the website created for the search of anything relate to all the windows programs, their uses, and the sharing of all documents and spreadsheets! It makes office work more elegant and easy for free!

Zerodollarmovies- I absolutely love movies and I am always on top of the new releases, the casting, and the production, all of it really. This website lets you find full movies on YouTube. It serves for an entertaining afternoon and the best search engine for bollywood shows and most of the director cuts of straight to DVD movies.

Jotti- If you have received a mysterious file in an email, this is the website to use to check for any virus on such said file. Pranks nowadays between workers include such dirty or infected files, and it's always wise to check something before opening it and ruining your PC.

Lovelycharts- If you ever need to create an astounding flowchart, a cool diagram or anything of the sort, this is the website for you! Make a free account and go forth in the creation of all these great things

Copypastecharacter- This website is filled with character sets you don't usually find in your keyboard. It's mostly characters found through alternate shortcuts but it's much easier using this then remembering all those shortcuts for the cute heart

Weshare- If you have ever struggled with sharing a huge file and don't feel like using Drop box or Google Drive to take up space, this website lets you share them online directly. This one is for all those kindle readers. It is a massive library with free kindle books ready to be downloaded by you! I would suggest Madame Bovary for anyone into the classics.

Privnote- This website is the snap chat of notes. You create text notes that self-destruct once they are read. It's great for sending information between siblings that your parents won't get a hold of later on.

Midomi- If you have ever struggled with apps like Shazam and help from your friends and your brain in finding that one song you keep hearing every now and then, this is the website for you. It has a huge selection of music and will almost automatically aid you in your search.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at | Source

youtube /leanback and youtube /disco- It may be cheating to put two in one position but both fall in the same website domain and they are so great I don't know how it took me so long to find out about this. The first one lets you watch YouTube as your personal TV and the second lets you make a video playlist of any artist!

Stupeflix- This one is for the movie aficionados like me. You take your picture, audios and video clips and create a movie for free! It's fun and easy to use!

Fiverr- I was basically at the breaking point of laziness when I found this genius website. It is filled to the brim with people willing to do many tasks for the price of $5! It could be a drawing, a small document, a song or even a logo, but, the price stays the same!

Aviary /myna- Artists use this one constantly. It's a simple online audio editor that allows you to record and remix audio files.

Chipin- The website was created for a good cause and I believe it still is. This is an online fundraiser for any event or cause. It could be something you created or someone else from the other side of the world. You can choose to chip in or ask for others to chip in for your cause!

whosampled- This website lets you find out when your favorite songs were used by other artist in their songs or vice versa! It's great for knowing who really made what first and seeing how our music has become more of a use of other songs and not so much originality. There are still songs filled with new and interesting content, but most of them have even used classical pieces as a sample for their own records.

Mixx- This is a new, personalized little hub where you can share stories, photos, videos and general conversations! You can have a private group, customize your own page and rate other people's information.

Imo- It's finally here, a place to put all social media together and talk to everyone in one place! Imo lets you talk to people on Skype, Facebook, Google Talk and more!

Image courtesy of Sujin Jetkasettakorn at
Image courtesy of Sujin Jetkasettakorn at | Source

Typewith- If you have ever tired of writing on endlessly about something, ask others to join in! This website allows you to write on the same document with several people at the same time.

Agar- This one isn't really of use. It is simply a website that is free to play and slightly addicting. Its fun and I could probably spend hours at a time playing here, so I had to suggest it.

All of the sites end with dot com, except jotti (org), imo (im), typewith (me) and agar (io).

The internet has too many tools for anyone to really count and have an exact list of. Even now, they are probably creating numerous things that we will use in the future. It's exciting to see how much this web has grown since its humble beginnings and how much we have gotten out of it. Maybe tomorrow we will be able to score cereals together or exchange ideas on the events that are happening now. There are probably sites for those things too; we just have to find them!

Article by: Steven Gutiérrez


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      4 years ago

      Seems like an interesting list of websites to use!


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