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Moto E4 Is the Best Low Budget Smartphone EVER!

Updated on October 13, 2017
Dwight GolidayJr profile image

Dwight the Blogger aka 2Phonez is a prolific videographer with videos up on his Youtube channel about all aspects of technology.


Why Is the Moto E4 So Awesome?

The Moto E4 is definitely a major underdog in the Android World. Thanks to all of the Samsung Galaxies and LGs and Alcatel and ZTEs and BLUs in the market. Most people wouldn't know what a Moto E4 is and where to get one worldwide or even locally! Well, you have come to the right article. Let's discuss the Moto E4 for some few minutes.

The Moto E4 is a device by Motorola, which is now a Lenovo company. Motorola has always had their Android mobile devices as near as stock android as possible. Motorola usually just has a few of their apps and gestures and some functions that are even now included into Pure Stock Android (which are Google's own Nexus and Pixel). Before readers argue about the latest Android version or what is the latest Android version, the Moto E4 is equipped with Android 7 and up. Which is right now perfectly fine for everyday use today. Android 7 is probably the most smoothest Android OS to run on stock Android devices like the Moto E4. So users shouldn't have any Real World issues. This phone comes with a REMOVABLE BATTERY! Yes! Flagships don't even have this feature anymore and that's really dumb for most of the major OEMs to go away from this all at once! Next is the Selfie game. The Moto E4 comes with a selfie flash camera up front. Now before you all get too excited, this is a budget device so expect the unexpected when it comes to the camera modes. But you should get good quality photos in most light conditions and that is good enough for Instagrams and snap chat.

Those Specs!

If you wanting know about the specs, this device has a 5.0 in display at 720p with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory but you can expand the memory of the device with a micro SD card. For basic use and functionality, this should get you all by for the most part. After all, this is a super budget smartphone we are talking about here.

Unlocked or Locked:

For the most part, this device is fully unlocked for the price of $130 at Amazon website. But you can actually go into your local Verizon Wireless store or local Walmart store and purchase it for just $39.99! The major difference is that for that moment of purchase it is locked down to Verizon network. but the device can be fully unlocked via a code through eBay for just an additional $1 or 2. This will give you open access to most of the carriers in the US that are available such as T-Mobile and At&t networks as well. Just depends on what your area has the reception for.


This is the killer bonus for anyone! If you been a follower of this site, then you know most of the articles and writings are dealing with FreedomPop and or TextNow news and updates. With this keep in mind. The Moto E4 will work on TextNow Wireless and FreedomPop Free Cell phone services! There is more! EVERYONE can signup to these mobile phone providers. There is no special rules or requirements. And you can signup below today. They both run off GSM and CDMA. The Moto E4 is both GSM and CDMA certified. For the Walmart price of $39.99, everyone should just have this device as a backup!

Bonus 2: Grabbing the Moto E4 for FREE!

The only thing that is cheap in life is Free. Free can grow on trees and free is on the internet. You can get most cheap smartphones for FREE today. This is what THEY won't tell you. But I will.

Have you ever heard of gift cards, PayPal and Amazon credit? Well, there are all services and products that most of us use in everyday life and little do we know that these products and services can get us a lot of things for free such as a smartphone! Two major applications that I would recommend my readers and viewers to try out is AppLike on Android and for iOS users and Android users, you all should check out Bing Rewards aka Microsoft Rewards and Inbox Dollars. These apps will get you gas, gift cards, music subscriptions, game subscriptions and free food! Just check out these apps and use them every day and you'll get what you really want in no time!

The Bottom Line:

In closing, the Moto E4 is a device that you all should not be sleeping on. For the price and what it is capable of all the carriers and networks you can use it on and last but not least you could possibly purchase it for FREE via Paypal, Amazon, or Walmart gift cards.

If there is anything else you may want to know about the Moto E4, please leave a comment and I will surely reply back as soon as I can.


© 2017 Dwight Goliday Jr


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