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Motorola Atrix 4G amzing superphone with docks

Updated on June 15, 2012
Motorola ATRIX 4G & Laptop Dock feature
Motorola ATRIX 4G & Laptop Dock feature

Motorola ATRIX 4G, it cannot be called as a smart phone it should be called as super phone. Because it is a level above all contemporary smart phones. According to Motorola  it is the first dual core smart phone. Have a look at its specifications


Dual core processor


16GB on board memory which is expandable up to 48 GB

World's first qHD display

Fingerprint recognition

New LapDock facility

WebTop applications

Vehicle dock

Laptop Dock feature

This is a new technology that came to market through this phone and this is the most attractive feature of this phone. Actually it laptop dock feature is more like attaching your phone in the behind of laptop like a usb. Actually it is not a laptop, it can only be used along with phone. The phone processor is powering this device. This laptop like device contains a long life battery, full large laptop like keyboard, touchpad speakers, USB ports etc . Even though it costs additionally as an accessory it is worth buying. It can be used for browsing internet using wifi or browsing contents of the phone. You can also use the contents of your phone like watching movies from your phone, paying videos and music from your phone. Even while browsing on internet you can take calls and make call from your dock device. It also supports calling over internet and even using bluetooth. This device will boot up only when you dock your phone in the behind. Surely this 11.5 inch display device can do the functions of a netbook and your phone while using it.

Another advanced features

If you check the specifications given on top you can see that all the specificaitons are far better than than the current level technology available in market. This is the first dual core phone processor and is much more fast that most of recent laptops. Dual ARM Cortex A9 cores clocked at 1GHz and an ultralow-power GeForce GPU graphics processors are the powering source of the phone. This is setting a new industrial standard. It gives the performance of a 2GHz processor because of the two cores of the processor. qHD display with gorilla screen is also a first technology that we are seeing available in market. Also there are some other additional accessories that you can avail at additional price. Vehicle dock is their which can be used as a docking service in your can which can work in the place of your car GPS. This can give all features like trun by turn instructions. The finger print recognition technology is also very advanced making your phone theft proof. There are speculations that the price of the phone will decrease soon. So waiting for one or two months for the price to decrease may be worthy.

Ubuntu for Android

This is another futuristic concept from Ubuntu. In this you can dock your Android phone to any monitor with HDMI connectivity. A standard Ubuntu desktop will boot up when you connect the device to monitor. All functionality of phone (call , message etc) are available along with the full Ubuntu desktop, where you can work as if from your normal desktop. Also there is a lot of free applications available for Ubuntu.

Read more about Ubuntu for Android


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