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Motorola EM325 (Moto ROKR EM325)

Updated on April 8, 2009

Moto ROKR EM325

Moto ROKR EM325 Open and CLosed
Moto ROKR EM325 Open and CLosed

The Motorola EM325 (Moto ROKR EM325)

The Motorola EM325, or the Moto ROKR EM325, is the latest walkman style cell phone to come from Motorola, and while it’s specs may be distinctly average the EM325 combines long battery life with style in this beautifully simple and easy to use cell.

First off, the EM325’s specs are nothing special, with only 2GB support for micro SD cards, a 1.3mega pixel camera and standard GPRS connectivity there is definitely nothing to strike you when looking at the full technical specification sheet of the Motorola EM325 

It does however have some redeeming features, its small, slick professional look, matched with its extended battery life and 3.5mm headphone jack make the EM325 as reliable and as compatible with filling your day to day needs as you can get.  It may not have GPS for finding your way, 3G is a distant dream for music downloading, and the 16GB cards won’t work.  However for this device with it’s reasonable price tag, plenty of sturdy features and a simple hard wearing design, you may find yourself preferring this over the High class delicate and bug filled latest high spec cell phones.

The Motorola ROKR EM325 is surprisingly one of my favourite phones that I have seen released over the last few months, it supports day to day functionality while working on improving the core cell phone values more than the gimmicks in many cell phones today. 

Therefore I was surprised to find one of my favourite functions, a gem amongst the soil in this average phone, was an FM recording functionality.  This allowed me to download music straight from it’s FM Radio program.  I have to admit though the stifling 2GB memory card limit was a big downer.

The Moto ROKR EM325 fits in well with it’s brothers in the ROKR range.  It plays a variety of music, including MP3, AMR, AAC and WAC all controlled by the ROKR music key found on the EM325.  The music functionality is also ensured with album art and some great FM Radio functions, including the radio recording.  It is simply such a shame that they did not decide to support larger flash card sizes than 2GB

Summary of Motorola EM325

Overall I would give this phone a solid 7 out of 10. There is nothing particularly special about ti, but then that is simply not the goal of the Motorola EM325. This cell phone is focused purely and simply on providing a sturdy well made alternative to the rash of crazy designed and bug prone cell phones in the current market.

I think the EM325 is perfect for those looking for a well made music player, but don’t have a huge digital music collection since the EM325 can only store 2 gig max. it’s easy music functionality does however make it a good choice for the casual music lover. It’s ease of use also makes it suitable for the less tech savvy, it’s uncomplicated display and easy navigation make it suitable for nearly anyone!

The rest of the phones features, camera included are fairly standard, but well crafted. The Moto ROKR EM325 is a great choice for those looking for a cell phone that does the job, rather than one that tries to combine every possible function into one 2 inch long case.


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