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Motorola MOTOPURE H12 Bluetooth Wireless Headset - Deb's Review

Updated on July 27, 2008

Unboxing the MOTOPURE H12 Wireless Headset


As I write this I am wearing my Motorola Pure H12 Bluetooth headset. Although I am sitting at my desk it is much easier to answer a call on my ear than to take my cell phone out of its pouch case. No, I am not lazy - I am organized and am using my time and energy in an intelligent way.

How many times have you walked out of a room and left your cell phone behind? That is precisely why I have my iPhone 3G in a pouch case that I keep on my waistband or belt. Even if I left my phone on my desk I would have up to 33 feet to travel before loosing signal.

Hopefully by now I have convinced you that a Bluetooth headset is a good a good idea and is something that you should at least consider having. The hard part is deciding which one is best for you. That is the one task that I will probably not be able to do so easily but I can tell you about the Motorola Pure H12.

Where to begin? It's a lot like buying a cell phone. Sometimes the actual calling functions are the least considered. Tell me what fun stuff my phone can do and oh yea, it has to look good. I am not really that shallow but I do like a modern minimalist look.

Modern and minimalist is a great description for the Motorola H12. It is small, lightweight and shiny. The H12 measures a mere 1 ½ inches long and 3/8 inches thick and 5/8 inches wide.

Even the ear hook is a wisp of clear flexible plastic (great for those that wear glasses). With a good snug fit the H12 can be worn without the ear hook or if you prefer the left ear instead of the right the hook can be reversed. The volume control lever is on the top side of the H12. On the right ear the volume control is on the top side and on the left ear the volume control in on the bottom side.

The Motorola H12 can be used without the ear hook because the microphone actually fits snugly into the ear. Small soft ear cushions - little round pieces of rubber - fits around the microphone and provides sound proofing from wind and external noises. There were 3 different sizes provided and since my ears are small I chose the smallest one. It is still a bit too tight but I have learned to secure it without having the microphone so deep in my ear. If I have trouble hearing a call I just push it in a bit further and I can hear in a loud environment.

The H12 has two microphones. The one that fits into the ear and one placed at the end of the headset. Both microphones use ChrystalTalk technology for noise cancellation.

I think that the Motorola H12 looks like a tiny old fashion portable radio. The metal front and the matching single flush mounted button are understated yet beautiful. Ok - before you start thinking - she's going over the top now - just consider what most Bluetooth headsets look like.

I admit that before I bought the H12 I was considering the Jawbone - another good looking Bluetooth headset. That was before the new smaller Jawbone was announced so the small size of the H12 made the decision for me.

When I first opened the box of my Motorola H12 I was blown away. I was expecting to see the headset of course but I was not expecting the cool charging solutions. There are two - one is meant for the desktop and the other is meant to travel.

The H12 has magnetic contacts on the back and they insure a snug correct fit while being recharged. The desktop charger is a small metal square base with an almost sculptural center post. The magnetic contacts match up to the headset. The number two charger is like a tiny little box. The metal on the bottom, the smoked clear plastic lid and the same type of magnetic contacts as the desktop charger provides a safe and secure way to store and travel with the H12. A single power cord is shared between the two chargers. Personally, I would like to have a second power cord one for my home office and one for my mobile office.

I purchased my Motorola H12 from my local AT&T store soon after they were released for sale. I paid about $120.00 for it. Now I have noticed that lower prices are available. I will tell you that I had to have my first H12 replaced. For some reason I could not get the volume to adjust higher and I could hardly understand what callers were saying. I took it back to the store where I bought it and after a couple of test I received a brand new H12 headset. The new one works great and I am total satisfied.

I have read reviews that complain about the sound quality. I wonder if there are some others out there that also need to be replaced.


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    • profile image

      Jim Bligh 

      9 years ago

      I purchased a H12 and wish to use it as a headset for my MacBook Pro in addition to a handfree. Even though it shows it is paired and connected, I can't get any sound. When I go to preference...sound.. output, I get a message that "the selected device has no output controls".

      Any suggestions?


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