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Motorola T325 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Updated on March 15, 2013
Motorola BluetoothT325 Speaker
Motorola BluetoothT325 Speaker | Source

Motorola T325 Bluetooth Speaker Review

 This Motorola T325 Bluetooth Speaker Review , is exicitng to the fact of the price is just under 50.00usd, right now on 2.19.2011, at your favorite Motorola Electronics store, Amazon.The Life-saver specs are a handsfree unit to enable you to use your cell phone while driving and keeping an eye on the road, and no you can't text.The Motorola T325 Blue-tooth Speaker Review I am speaking about has an automatically sensor that knows when your in the car or not, very handy, and can have you dial the names by speaking into this speaker mounted on your visor to whom you want to phone.

The key features to this Motorola T325 Blue-tooth Speaker Review is that there is a turn on and off switch on the side of the unit,a clip that adheres to your car visor, a large calling button to push when you need it,an LED light for activity feed for the signal,a microphone that is located  in the middle of the unit focusing on the driver,a mute button is available on this unit,volume control and a micro USB port if you need it, all in  one package for safety.

This is a must have for you motor mouths, on the highways in the cities and to get your hands off your cell phones, I highly recommend getting some type of device like the Motorola T325 Blue-tooth Speaker Review has mentioned for your own and others safety.

Th color of this unit is black with grey plastic as you see it in the photo, all buttons are placed on the top for easy  to reach control, as soon as you open the door you are greeted by a friendly voice instructing you to use this device so its that simple to operate, the blue tooth is awaiting your call. The Voice activation will even tell you when the power is low, or when you are downloading information to the mini USB port, or if a connection has dropped, which I find quite useful. The automatic on and off can be shut down as your own preference also, so that makes it handy when you don't want to take any calls. I hope this review has shed some light into the Motorola T325 Blue-tooth Speaker Review.


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