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Motorola Xoom Gelli Case by Case-Mate - Geometric Design and a Soft yet Firm Feel - Gelli Case Covers Corners

Updated on October 5, 2013

Motorola Xoom Gelli Case made of Thermoplastic

Just looking at the Gelli Case for the Motorola Xoom you would expect it to feel soft and not too supportive. You would be wrong however. The Gelli Case is constructed from a modern and interesting material called thermoplastic. It is not a silicone case which we all know can be quite wishy-washy. It is not a hard plastic case that can be slippery and hard to hold onto. Thermoplastic is sort of in-between feeling soft and easy to grip – yet firm and supportive. It offers protection form bumps and scratches and can some absorb impact without allowing damage to the Motorola Xoom inside.

The Motorola Xoom Gelli Case totally covers the backside of the Xoom but only provides a shock absorbing lip around the Touchscreen for protection. Like other similarly designed cases the Gelli Case is made in one piece with cutouts that allow access to necessary ports, buttons, speakers and cameras. One advantage to this design is that all four corners are covered where as with folio style cases typically leave all four corners uncovered.

I have learned from experience that just as the buttered side of bread will always fall on the floor – a corner will take the impact when your favorite gadget gets fumbled and falls onto a hard surface. It is obvious to see that my iPhone 4 must be weighted towards the lower left hand corner because that corner of my pink Body Glove Case is chipped and has no paint left on it.

Advantages of the Motorola Zoom Gelli Case by Case Mate

The fit is snug and will not wiggle around on the Motorola Xoom

Thermoplastic material is lightweight and is used to create a soft touch surface while providing firm formfitting support for the backside of the Motorola Xoom

The unique three dimensional looking diamond design – it fools your eyes and makes you want to touch it

Three available colors – gray, black and pink to compliment your various moods and needs

All four corners of the Motorola Xoom are covered with the added benefit of a lip that outlines the Touchscreen

There are cutouts around the sides and on the back for total access to ports, buttons, speakers and cameras

The Gelli Case by Case-Mate does more than protect the Motorola Xoom Tablet. It gives you a better grip on the device and it is interesting to look at. The Thermoplastic material allows for geometric designs to be part of the case itself. When you look at it you see diamonds.

No, not the diamonds that sparkle and are hard as rocks, I am talking about the diamond shapes that appear through the Thermoplastic material. You may think that the case has a very uneven surface until you actually touch it.

The color is translucent and makes the diamonds seem three dimensional. In reality the Gelli Case is very smooth and has a level of firmness that is somewhere between silicone and hard plastic. It holds its shape without being rigid. It has a rubbery feel without being rubber.

The Gelli Case by Case-Mate is available in three colors. One is gray, one is black and one is pink (my personal favorite). Each one has the same dimensional diamond design. Whether for business or for fun there is a Gelli Case that is just right. It will definitely draw attention – in a subtle kind of way.


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    • smcopywrite profile image


      7 years ago from all over the web

      nice case. these are important to keep your tablet safe. if you are going to spend the money on electronics, also spend the few dollars on a great case to keep it safe. thanks. great hub.


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