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Use Multiple Search Engine Search (Metasearch) for Best Results

Updated on November 15, 2016
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John uses his scientific skills (PhD) & experience developing 50+ websites to research, review & evaluate SEO, website design, Social Media

A Multiple Search Engine or Metasearch Engine is a search tool that integrates the research results from multiple search engines such as Google, Bing, Twitter and Digg and combines the results into a single list or displays them together side by side. The outcome is often described as a Metasearch Mash.

Forget about the constant war between the major players, such as Google and Bing and their list of inferior results - Why not combine them - Save time and Get the Best of All Worlds!. The modern sites include social networking search results (such as Twitter and Digg) such as well!

Most search engines only show you a fraction of what's on the Web (see the Figure below). In fact, by searching on just one search engine, you could miss as much as 73% of the Web's best first-page search results!

Metasearch technology helps you see more of the Web than the results of a single search engine and saves you time by doing several searces at once.

Metasearch engines focus on the concept that the Web is too large for any one search engine to index it all. The results form one search engine are often very biased and can be misleading. Combining the results from several search engines is going to give you a much better outcome. This will save the user from to run multiple searches separately for all the various sites.

Metasearch engines or multiple search engines create a virtual database and generally rank the results according to how many of the search results contain a certain result, and the position of the result in the search for the various engines. The outcome is a highly relevant list of results that are much better than the results from a single search engine.

The various Metasearch engines operate in different ways and use different strategies. These stratgeies include the number and type of search engines that include the result, and the way the results are integrated and combined to deliver the results. Some will list results from the search engines side by side in columns. Others return results according to various formulae to rank the combined results according to their relevance, and the position and number of times the results appear in the various individual search results. This integration eliminates duplicate results and provides a highly relevant and topical list.

Most popular Metasearch Engines

Dogpile - is the oldest and best known of the Metasearch engines combining the best results from leading search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask. Each search engine has its own search strategy and delivers different results. Dogpile uses a formula to decide which are most relevant, and it eliminates duplicate results. The combined results are the most complete and integrated results you can get on the Web. Dogpile doesn't include results for social network sites. © janderson99-HubPages

Ixquick - The Ixquick metasearch search engine uses 10 popular search engines simultaneously. The combined result is perhaps the most comprehensive of any of he metasearch engines on the Web because of the large number of searches included. Each Ixquick result is awarded 'one star' for each search engine that includes it, and so a 'six star' result means that six search engines agreed on the same result.

Mamma - Mamma is described as a "smart" metasearch engine. Founded in 1996, its one of the pioneers of Metasearch and is a popular metasearch engine with a colourful history.

MetaCrawler - like Dogpile combines the results from Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.

InfoSpace - Experience the power of Metasearch from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and Twitter.

Webfetch - is similar to InfoSpace

Monster Crawler - Monster Crawler integrates the power of all the leading search engines, and combines them into one search box to present the best combined results for Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask. - Another engine similar to Dogpile

© janderson99-HubPages

© 2011 Dr. John Anderson


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