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Music Paradise Pro App

Updated on January 28, 2017

I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest music but I found it difficult to actually find apps that could offer what I was looking for, however, Music Paradise Pro really delivered the results I was looking for. It may, in general, look like many of the other music applications but, once downloaded, it reveals a whole other world of music.


One of the things that I like most about this app is that there has never been a song that I have searched for which came back unfound; in just one search of a song or album it provided me with the information I needed.

What is more unique about this app, is that it offers the option after downloading to make the song the ringtone or it lets you edit a song and you can add your own voice to the music which I hardly find in other apps.

The search engine, however, only searches out MP3 files, but you have the option of whether to download it on your smart phone or to play songs via the application and even create a playlist!

Search tab

Also, it saves the time of searching because when you type in a word in the search tab it instantly gives you suggested information similar to what you are seeking for. The app is quite easy and convenient to use; when I first downloaded it I had no clue of its features but within a few minutes of browsing it was easy to comprehend.

What is nice about this application is that it does not take up a lot of space so it can, in other words, be downloaded in low storage on your smart phone. It is light on data which is an added benefit since it saves me time and effort of spending money on loads of data just for accessing or downloading a song.

There are no additional charges for downloading this app, all that is needed is an internet connection and you can get access to a whole range of music.

This app is so versatile and can be used for Android, IOS, blackberry and windows; which is great because I have an Android phone and a windows phone, which means I can use the app now on both my phones so I do not have to worry about carrying both phones with me.

I totally recommend this application to be downloaded by anyone who wants to listen to music without worrying about heavy data charges or additional charges, to have unlimited search options on music and downloads or, in other words, to get more than what they give out.


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