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Must Have Accessories for a Longer Lasting Galaxy Note 7

Updated on September 15, 2016

Have you already got your first Samsung Galaxy Note 7 yet? I heard it is really hitting the market and when I checked out the specs I was wowed. It is the best phone I have heard yet for this century. You can do a lot of things with its powerful specs and of course you will get to experience that with also a powerful price. Anyway, if you are still planning to buy one, have enough budget not only to buy the unit but also for the essential accessories for it to live a longer life considering that you will really invest a lot of money in it.

Additional Budget for these Accessories

Some shops will sell the gadget with complete accessories but others won’t. Depending on your location or where you will buy it online, here is a list of some of the important accessories to consider.

Dressing my phone is my favorite. Buy something that will suit your style.
Dressing my phone is my favorite. Buy something that will suit your style.

1. Case

A case is one of the most important accessories you must have when you buy gadgets. It is for the protection of your gadget from physical damage and even from light scratches that will depreciate its worth. Cimo Technologies offers a lightweight Galaxy Note 7 case which has an anti-slip property making you more comfortable in operating your unit. For those who want to reveal the original look of the device, this case comes in clear color keeping the original look of the device apparent.

5 stars for Cimo Galaxy Note 7 Review

2. Leather Cover

If you are that person who prefer using covers than cases, leather covers are best recommended because of the corporate look it adds to your gadget. Aside from being durable to protect your phone from scratches and physical damages, it can also come with slide pockets for cards like IDs, ATM or credit/debit cards.

Reminder: Cables and Adapters should be carried anywhere you go.
Reminder: Cables and Adapters should be carried anywhere you go.

3. Cables

A USB cable in particular is also an important bundle with your gadget because of its multi-purpose function. It can be used to re-charge your battery or to transfer data from your phone to other devices like laptops and computers or to stream videos to HD televisions.

4. Adapters

An adapter from micro-USB to USB-C is also a must. Usually, this will come in a package with the Galaxy Note 7 device but if you want to have an extra for the office or for your car, you can grab one because these are sold at a not so expensive price.

5. Chargers

Aside from the traditional way of charging with cables, there are also accessories sold for charging wirelessly. These are ideal for those persons who don’t want clutter in their working spaces and to avoid accidental damages too plus you can place it anywhere.

Car chargers will not be erased from the list if you have a car. Charging inside your car has been made easier with the new types of chargers coming out in the market. There are already chargers that come with dual USB ports in cases you need to charge not only one device. Additional features may also include safeguards to avoid overheating or overcharging of devices.

Guard your phone from scratches. Get this first and foremost.
Guard your phone from scratches. Get this first and foremost.

6. Screen Protectors

Screen protectors also come free as a package for Galaxy Note 7 to protect the screen from scratches. If you want to enhance it or want to put a screen protector at the same time anti-glare, you can have one for your device.

7. Power banks

If you are buying your device for multi-purpose, its battery might not last longer than you need. Buy a power bank to recharge your device even during outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and others. Power banks depending on the brand or quality can charge your phone faster or may take up to two hours or more. Check for its specifications if it fits your device and your needs. These are usually useful during power interruption especially on bad weathers where the power may take up to three days to come back.

Save a lot of those memories. It will be fun to browse them after years.
Save a lot of those memories. It will be fun to browse them after years.

8. External Memory Cards

Based on my experience, leaving the built-in memory card alone will not satisfy my needs as a gadget user. Memory cards are really an essential to me because I want to back up my files as many times as possible. You might love taking photos and videos using your Galaxy Note 7 because of its excellent photo and video captures so you might want to be ready with a backup storage in case it will get full.


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