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SkyFire Mobile Web Browser

Updated on October 1, 2009

PC-Like Web Surfing on a Smart Phone

SkyFire is a web browser made for smart phones. The SkyFire mobile web browser loads web pages exactly as they would appear on your computer.

SkyFire is feature rich and very user freindly. It has a zoom which will intelligently zoom in on element blocks so you can easily read web pages. As you start to type in the URL/Search bar, SkyFire will offer autocomplete suggestions so you do not have to type much on your small keypad. There are also many Hotkeys setup to let you quickly and easily surf the web.

The SkyFire Start Page

The SkyFire Start Page could be its own stand alone application. The Start Page lets you stay up to date on everything by placing all of your Social, News and Media Feeds onto one easy to use page.

Facebook and Twitter

Your Facebook and Twitter accounts can be integrated with the SkyFire Start Page. Tweets, updates, wall posts, and new photos are all added right to your Start Page where you can easily comment on them. You can also post an update which will update your Facebook status and send a tweet at the same time.

News and Media Feeds

With the push of a button you can turn on or off News Feeds for, ESPN, Google News and Yahoo News as well as Media feeds from HowCast and YouTube. Of course you can also manually enter any RSS Feed URL of your choice.


SkyFire can integrate your GMail account into to the Start Page. They are currently working on adding support for other email services.


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    • mendoza_74 profile image

      mendoza_74 7 years ago from Liverpool

      Skyfire 2 for Iphone is now out and handles flash content

    • profile image

      Nokia 5800 Themes  7 years ago

      I am using two browsers on my Nokia 5530 one is opera and another one is skyfire, i found both easy to use, stable and user friendly.

      Nice hub sharing good knowledge about mobile browser for Windows mobile and Symbian.


    • aperturering profile image

      aperturering 8 years ago from Raleigh, NC

      Skyfire is only available for Windows Mobile and Symbian Phones.

      However, most of the standard web browsers (IE8, FireFox, Chrome...) can work fine on a netbook.

      Just Press F-11. :-)

    • deartfuldodger profile image

      deartfuldodger 8 years ago

      I wonder if skyfire has a netbook application, seems very handy. Great Hub!