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Muvo Creative V200 MP3 Player For Music and More: Product Review

Updated on October 15, 2015

Basic MP3 Player, No Frills, All Essentials?

Are you looking for an mp3 player, but perhaps don’t want to pay a premium price for an Ipod or similar multi-functional top of the range model? Perhaps you know exactly what you’re looking for in terms of functionality and it’s pretty basic. In that case there’s really no point in paying top dollar for something with all the bells and whistles when a more basic model would give you everything that you need. But which basic model should you choose? There are a lot of different options out there. And you need to make a decision and get yourself one: because seriously, who can live without an mp3 player now? Who? Do you remember cassettes? Exactly!

But just the same, got to have music! Who can live without music?

Muvo mp3 Players - Great Functionality For Non-tech Types?

I can’t claim to have gone out and researched the market before settling on the Muvo Creative V200 mp3 player and going out and buying one. No, the reason I own a v200 is because I moaned and whined to my other half about how I really needed an mp3 player and was going to get myself one as soon as I organised my rear into gear to do so. Not unreasonably, my other half got a little tired of hearing this perpetual litany of promises, so he went out for himself and bought me my Christmas present for that year. (And this was some years back.) What was my Christmas present? Surprise, a Muvo Creative V200 mp3 player!

iPod mini

Public domain.
Public domain. | Source

I spent most of Christmas day that year tinkering with my new toy, and in the several years since I have had hours and hours of useful service from it. The Muvo V200 is a hard-working, hard-wearing little workhorse of a piece of technology, let me tell you!

Music, Recorded Tracks, Audio Books: Muvo Functions

If you go out and buy yourself a Muvo Creative V200 mp3 player, what can you expect from it? Well, for a basic model, it actually has a surprising amount of functionality. It has 242 MB of memory space and runs on a couple of AA batteries. You can upload pre-recorded files of music or audiobooks, podcasts, whatever, or it has an internal mic so you can read lecture notes or whatever you want on to it. The sound quality of mic-recorded files is not the greatest (it’s certainly a bit scratchy and glitchy) but it’s adequate to the purpose.

You can go into play mode and tinker with how files line up, e.g. set up a shuffle of tracks, you can delete files, you can go into settings and alter the display, language, backlight etc., you can listen to FM radio or set the player to lock mode.

Muvo Mp3 Players: Hardwearing & Practical

I don’t think any great claims of waterproofness are made for the Muvo V200, but I’ve certainly got it fairly damp through exposure to rain and being squashed in the bottom of my bag under a bottle of spring water. It’s been dropped, used nearly to extinction, gone through umpteen umpteen battery changes and been covered in ink from leaky pens (again in my bag of doom.) And still it comes back for more!

Seriously, folks, the Muvo Creative V200 mp3 player is a terrific little bit of kit, even though tech bods might regard it as a bit obsolete and past its sell-by date. If I was you (and didn’t already have one) I would rush out and get myself one, or another similar Muvo model, today!


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