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My Daily Social Network Marketing Routine

Updated on June 24, 2017
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Bob Craypoe (Also known as R. L. Crepeau) is a musician, writer, webmaster, 3D artist and creator of the Punksters Comic Strip Series.

Image by Bob Craypoe, also known as R.L. Crepeau
Image by Bob Craypoe, also known as R.L. Crepeau

There are certain things I do on a daily basis for the purpose of social network marketing. Social network marketing is basically the use of social networking websites for the purpose of bringing attention to your business or creative works.

Many businesses that have an online presence use social networking websites to promote their business. It has the potential to reach a lot of people and can be cheaper than other forms or methods of promotion. Usually, social network marketing just requires time and effort. So, if you do have the time to devote to those efforts, establishing a daily routine can be most helpful.

Every morning, without fail, I roll out of bed, have a quick breakfast and have my computer booting up as I eat my breakfast. As soon as I am done eating, I sit at my computer with my morning cup of coffee. Then I do the first posts of the day on my social networking pages.

I do an online comic strip. So each morning, I will post a comic strip on my various social networking pages. I officially release three comic strips per week and on the days where I am not releasing a new one, I post something I list as being "From the Archives." Those are old comic strips that have been released from a while back. They are posted for those who may not have already seen them. So I am basically posting a comic strip each and every day of the week.

First I will post one on my various Facebook pages, Twitter pages and Google Plus page. Then I will check the daily headlines from various news sites. Any stories that I think are interesting I will post on my Facebook pages to add other items of interest besides my comic strip. That way, not everything I post will be self-promotional and, besides, if someone finds the article interesting, they will go to my page to check out the post and may discover the other things that I have posted on my page.

After that, I check out whose birthdays are on that day. Facebook gives notifications of your friends' birthdays. So I will post "Happy Birthday!" on their pages. This helps in the sense that it gets your Facebook friends and followers to think about you. They may decide to check out your page since you just reminded them of the fact that you exist. If they go to your page, they will see what you have posted. It's also a nice gesture that is often appreciated by the person you are giving the happy birthday wishes to. So it's basically a win/win situation.

All of this takes just a little bit more than a half hour each morning. I do it every day of the week and every week of the year. I do it before I go to work each day and I do it on the weekends as soon as I get up. I have made it part of my daily routine every day without fail, and I even do it on holidays. Most people might consider taking weekends or holidays off but posts are actually more likely to be seen on those days, since people are off, at home and able to go online, as opposed to the weekdays when they may not be able to do so at work.

Now that is just my morning routine. I also do some social network marketing at night when I get home after work. I don't do as much at night though. I only do five to ten minutes worth of social network marketing at night. But it's a good idea to post something multiple times throughout the day. So now I make a point of doing that.

What I post at night is usually different from what I will usually post during the morning. At night, I will usually post some article that I have written. I will post it to my Facebook pages, Twitter pages and my Google Plus page.

When I do a tweet of one of my comic strips, I use the image of the strip and include a link to my blogger blog. There are various pages that I have created there that have sets of ten comic strips from my comic strip series. For instance, I might have comic strips 1-10 on a page or comic strips 11-20 on another page, and so on. I get analytics for my Blogger account that tells me how many people I get to those pages. So I actually get to see how all of those efforts bring in visitors. Often I will bring in as much as one hundred viewers a day. Not bad at all if you think about it.

At first, when establishing a daily routine, it takes a while. But after doing it for so long, it becomes second nature and you start to do it much quicker. What I do in a half hour now probably took me over an hour when I first started doing it. So I can promise you that you will get better and faster at it over time. It just takes a little bit of practice.

It may be hard to motivate yourself to do it at first. It got easier for me to motivate myself once I started to see the results of my efforts as displayed in the analytics for my websites as well as my Blogger account. That's what makes analytics so important. You will get to see the results and it showed me that my efforts were not in vain. So if you start doing it and check your analytics, you may find that your efforts will not be in vain either. But It all just starts out with a daily routine that you really have to force yourself to stick to.


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