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My Google Homepage

Updated on March 13, 2011

My Google Homepage History

When I first started using the internet, my web browser would open up with the MSN site. It was a few months before I discovered how to set my home page. Since I used Google several times every day, the natural choice was Google Homepage.

Another reason, I liked using Google Homepage, was that it always loaded quickly. Other sites would often take a minute or more to load and if there was a problem with my internet connection, then it would be a while before I realized it. With Google Homepage opening first thing in my browser, I would quickly know if there was any problem with my internet connection.

I often helped other people with their computer problems. Many of them, thought that something was wrong with their computer when they tried to go online, when it was simply their homepage. Setting their browser to Google Homepage allowed them to quickly know if there was a problem with their internet.

Do you feel lucky?
Do you feel lucky?

Setting Google Homepage

Setting your homepage to Google is easy. In the top part of your browser, you will see a tab that says Tools. Click on this, then go to the bottom of the pop up menu where you will see Options. Click on options, then after the window opens, click on the General tab at the top of the new window.

You will see a field called Home Page. Simply change this to and then click on the OK field at the bottom. Presto, your home page will be set to Google.

Google Homepage Themes

You can also change the background of your Google page by clicking on change background link in the lower left corner of your Google page. This will give you the option of selecting a picture from the picture files on your computer or using one of Google's pictures.

Tired of just a simple Google Homepage? Do you want more than just a pretty background? If so, fret not. You can spice up your Google Homepage with Google Homepage Themes.

Instead of using as your homepage, use as your homepage.Once you do this, you can add and subtract a large array of gadgets on your Google Homepage.

One of the advantages of using Google Homepage, is that it can incorporate your gmail into it. Once you log into one or the other, you are logged into both.

Future of Google

Google is a large company with almost 20,000 employees. Google is constantly upgrading its search engine algorithms to make Google more effective at searching for information on the web. Google has developed its own operating system for browser oriented electronic devices. Google has also developed online office productivity tools that are free to use.

The great thing about Google is that almost everything they develop, is available for nothing to the consumer. Their profit model is based on giving things away and charging advertisers for access to potential customers. This creates a win win scenario for everyone. Long live Google.


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  • Reynold Jay profile image

    Reynold Jay 7 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

    Sounds like a winner to do this. Good nuts and bolts article that is a help to get started, The Google subject should be a good drawing card for readers, up your money etc. RJ

  • Crewman6 profile image

    Crewman6 7 years ago

    I like your viewpoint, and agree with you about the homepage. Google loads fast, is a major starting point, and just makes sense as a homepage.