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My Nokia Mobile Phone

Updated on November 22, 2018
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The person has been working as a freelance writer since 2011 and graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, India.

Nokia 1200

Nokia 1200
Nokia 1200

The Evolution of Cell Phone Design

Once upon a time, a mobile phone was a device to be connected with one another on the move. Now the concept and use of mobile phone have changed a lot. It is not only used to be connected with people but also has many uses.

Sending text messages is another use of Mobile. We can send many text messages or SMS through a mobile phone.

The mobile phone equipped with FM Radio was the next round of evolution of mobile phone.

Then added features like the calendar. Then camera phone introduced. Nowadays mobile phones have a video camera. Then phones equipped with an audio player and video player came to existence.

Now internet-enabled mobile phones are available with email facility. Now we have mobile phones equipped with services that we can imagine.

My first mobile phone.

I use Nokia mobile. Nokia 1100. This Nokia mobile is a gift from my father-in-law. So there was no choice, but to accept it. I am using it for the last four years without any problem. At that time many people were using this mobile. Still many are using. It has a game – Snake. Just for curiosity I played games four or five times. I can send SMS and receive calls. It is easy to carry. It has basic facilities. From the time I received this mobile I am no more using my watch. Mobile has time. It also has Alarm facilities. Could send and receive SMS.

There are many ring tones. But I use the Nokia tune. My children sometimes change the ring tone. But I like Nokia Tune. I am not a talkative person. Normally I receive tow or three calls a day - there are exceptions.

Present Mobile Phone.

Last year again I received a gift. A Nokia-1200 one. I was expecting for a mobile with radio (FM) to listen music. When we receive gift, we cannot demand for it. Anyway, No doubt, it will serve the purpose. This is also a basic mobile phone. With facilities like Alarm, Stop watch, Games (Caroms, Cricket and Snake) Calender, Reminder etc. Last one year I am using it. It is also quite good one. There is no hand free with this mobile. No radio etc. Many inbuilt ring tones are there. Could send and receive SMS.

I have seen people using mobile with facilities like video camera, Storage of music (Audio and video) with storage capacity. Different people have different choice and use. They need it. That is why they are using it. If you need that much facility in your mobile, you can go for it. But my advice is that before making your choice please think over twice whether you need it or not.

I forgot to say in the mean time I used a LG Mobile which has a key pad lock facility with four digit password. It was a great help to avoid misuse.

Enjoy your mobile phone.

My beautiful Lephone A2
My beautiful Lephone A2

My Lephone A2 Model

Now I use Lephone A2 model. It has a built-in-Camera. You can record audio as well as video. It has vidio and audio players. By inserting 2GB memory card you can store many songs and movies. Very beautiful in look.

It is a great phone with facility of using 3 SIM cards (2 GSM and One CDMA) But the problem is that if you use more than one SIM card in that mobile, you need to charge the battery very often as the rate of discharge will be higher than usual.

If you use only one SIM, then the life of battery will be relatively higher. You can use it two days without charging.

It has touch screen and colour screen. Built-in-torch light is there. It has speaker with good sound. You can play music without a earphone. Back side of the phone is rubber coated.

Recently I had a problem with the phone. One day I removed the battery before switching off the mobile. Now it shows "network search" message on the display and the SIM card is not recognized by the mobile. I used many techniques like removing the battery. Switching off the phone and then switch on. Removed the SIM Card and done switch off and switch on. Still it is not working. Network Search message still appearing in the display and sim card is not recognized.

I don't know how to rectify this problem. If you have any idea please share it with me. I searched the net for a solution. But did not find any. I wrote a email to Lephone company. But did not received any reply. I put a complaint in their website. But still not got any reply. I can play the movies and songs. Now I use it as a vidio and audio player as it has a built in speaker.

Have you ever faced such Network Search problem in your mobile. If yes please share it with us in the below comment section.

I went to a Chinese mobile repair shop for rectifying the error.  They tried to flash the program but couldn't rectify the problem.


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