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My Place Cozy Deluxe Personal Workstation Lap Desk with a Light and More

Updated on December 15, 2009

Sitting behind a desk is not the only way to work. Sitting in an easy chair can be a great place to surf the web on a laptop, pay bills or to catch up on paperwork. Stay in bed later on the weekend even if you really need to catch up on some email. A well designed lap desk such as the My Cozy Deluxe Personal Workstation can make the experience a pleasant one. 

If you have not used a lap desk in the past I suggest that you try one in the future. Balancing a laptop on your lap is not always the easiest thing to do. If you are sitting up in bed – you either hold the laptop or you sit it in front of you.  Can you say ouch? As soon as you try to straighten up your back and shoulders are going to yell at you.

The My Cozy Lap Desk surface measures 16 inches Wide by 14 inches High by 3 inches deep. That is enough space to work on but not so large that balance would be an issue.

What Makes the My Cozy Deluxe Personal Workstation Unique?

The top surface of the My Place Cozy Deluxe Personal Workstation features a light, a flat surface and a cup holder. Slide-proof circles help to hold a laptop in place. The underside features a soft pillow that forms to your lap. Heat from your laptop does not have a chance to heat you up.

A bright flexible LED light shines light directly onto the surface of the My Cozy Lap Desk. The LED light is attached to the lap desk via a bendable neck and can be positioned however you want it. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries.

The integrated cup holder is convenient. A cup or can of pop would slide right off the surface without it. Leaning forward to set a drink on a table or leaning down to set it on the floor could cause a disastrous accident.

Even a digital life includes pens, pencil and highlighters. The built-in slot at the bottom of the lap desk provides a perfect place to keep them at your fingertips.

The underside of the My Place Cozy Deluxe Personal Workstation features a pillow. It is soft and filled with tiny Styrofoam pellets so it conforms to the surface that it sits on. There is a zipper opening so that the pillow can be removed.

Why Would I Use a My Cozy Deluxe Personal Workstation?

I have a very nice glass top desk but sometimes I just want to relax with my laptop. Although a laptop is meant to be portable it is often a hassle to use it that way.  I have tried to use ordinary bed pillows as a laptop desk but they are too soft. My laptop gets too hot when it is nestled on a soft surface. After an extended length of time on my lap it gets too hot and I feel uncomfortable. The light shining down from the floor lamp sitting beside my recliner is too bright and does not work well as task lighting. Typically I would not have a can of Sprite balanced near my laptop.

These are a few of the reasons that I think the My Cozy Deluxe Personal Workstation may solve issues that keep me at my desk. 


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