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My Problems With Nintendo Today

Updated on August 13, 2020
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James is an avid reader with a book collection in the hundreds and growing. He enjoys wildlife, wilderness and the many simple things life

Who did I come up with this list?

I want to make a quote here, "Only when you truly love something do you find the most faults with it,". It's true because that means you are paying vey close attention to it. I love video games and I have only played on Nintendo systems and a huge variety of there games such Mario or the Legend of Zelda. but lately I have found that there is a number of poor decisions that Nintendo has made as since the introduction of the Wii U that have yet to be rectified, this list will point out a few of the ones I have noticed.

#1 Memory Indicator on the Back

That is the question I wonder when I am buying a new game
That is the question I wonder when I am buying a new game

Back with the Nintendo Gamecube I used to be able to look at the back of the box and determine whether or not I had enough memory to play the game or not before I even buy it. However ever since the Wii era and Nintendo started to develop include internal memory into there systems, they have since removed the memory indicator. They only way to know just how much memory your game takes is to buy it and find out after whether or not you need to purchase some sort of memory upgrade. Quite frankly I would like to know how big something like Doom or Jump Force is before I buy it, this is even more troublesome as the games themselves start to get bigger and bigger and suddenly that 32gig console you bought doesn't seem like allot of memory.

#2 Better Player Counter

Sorry, I couldn't find a better example
Sorry, I couldn't find a better example

This really varies from game to game, however. Since the Nintendo Wii U it has been a little difficult to sometimes find or translate just how many people can play of course this was particularly bad during the Wii U era partial due to the amount of controller options it gave you. it's still not great and could be streamed lined though like just listing your player count with a little human character with a number under it. perhaps I have only had this issue and it has gotten better since the Nintendo Switch, but seeing as how local multiplayer is still a big selling factor I think it should count for something.

#3 Lesser Quality

I don't think they are monkeys but yeah quality has dropped
I don't think they are monkeys but yeah quality has dropped

Nintendo used to be regarded has being a fairly high quality company and while that is still true with there games the same cannot be said t=for the hardware. The drifting issues on joycons is absurd especially considering the high price tag for a replacement set. I remember hearing a story about a child how got a switch for his birthday within a few months of playing it the controller broke, his father felt bad and so for Christmas the present that made that kids day was not a new game but a new controller so that he could finally play the games he already and just like before it broke within a few short months. Nintendo actually has a decent warranty rate and great customer services but I feel stuff like that shouldn't have happend to begin with.

#4 Gimmick

I dare you too look me in the eye and tell me that this is not a gimmick
I dare you too look me in the eye and tell me that this is not a gimmick

A gimmick can be a great thing if everyone "gets" it however, if nobody "gets" it, then it could take down the company. This is my biggest problem with Nintendo, they are always trying to be innovative and different, they used to strive at making cheap high quality game consoles like the N64 or the Gamecube but any more it would seem they have to aim for the gimmicks like motion controllers the could be great like the Wii and the Switch or could be a complete failure like the Wii U. worst then this other companies often have to work around this starnge software which couldn't possibly match anything prior, and of course Nintendo is now comparable price wise to their competitors.

My Final Thoughts

I am a Nintendo guy I have been playing Mario since I was small, I had never even played the other systems like Sony or Microsoft, which makes me wonder, do they have some of the same problems? i have definitely heard the horror stories of Playstations melting due to poor ventilations and the massive call back on Xbox 360 systems I think. the gimmicks are definitely a Nintendo thing however and a annoying one to. but what problems do find with modern systems Nintendo or not, please let me know in the commit section below. I'm Wanderin Jim and I ho you all have a super happy day.


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