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My U.F.O. Sighting

Updated on September 12, 2011

A UFO Story

One of the reasons I traveled from the east coast to New Mexico was to see stars.  Not the stars like those in Hollywood but those that shine down from above.  Sure, we had stars in the east.  Most of the places I lived also had lots and lots of light pollution.  Even in the country, lights from a nearby city would affect the brilliance of the heavens.  Additionally, pollution doesn’t help.

Did I expect to see an Unidentified Flying Object?  Not hardly.  In fact, I often wondered why any inhabitant from outer space would target our planet as a destination.  Sure, the last fifty years has seen more technological advancement than the entire history of the world.  But to travel from one solar system to another and beyond takes science that is so far advanced their coming to Earth would be like us visiting a planet dominated by cavemen.

Perhaps our planet bumps up against a popular shipping lane of sorts and extraterrestrials pass by high above where only those of us specifically looking for them would have any glimmer of an opportunity to see them.  Once in a while…perhaps one of these unwilling visitors made a mistake and flew too close to the earth’s atmosphere or a daredevil pilot may have decided to buzz the Earth for the fun of it.  Then again, the more popular shipping lane might be closer to Saturn.  Its rings would certainly provide a great view.

Late one night I was walking my dog, Charlie in the high desert not too far from Truth or Consequences.  Earlier, the moon had crested the surrounding mountains as a bright orange ball but had seemed to shrink and slid behind an outcropping remaining hidden from my view.  The stars were more brilliant than I’d ever seen in my lifetime.  I could see more than just individual stars.  There were clusters, too.  Ursa Major and Ursa Minor; the Big and Little Dippers stood out as did Orion’s Belt.  I’d mention more however that’s pretty much the limit of my knowledge of the constellations.

Charlie had finished his business and we headed back towards the motorhome when I glimpsed a shooting star streak across the starry sky.  I hadn’t seen one since who knows when.  It was gone as quickly as it had appeared.  I sat on the edge of a picnic table in the darkness while Charlie hopped up on the top of it as he often did.  From another side of the sky there was another shooting star.  Then another.  Dozens of shooting stars filled the sky and I sat in amazement wanting badly to tell someone to look up and enjoy the show but I was alone.

Shivers ran up my spine for some unknown reason.  I watched as yet another shooting star streaked across the sky but as I watched this one didn’t just fade into the darkness rather it stopped, hesitated then did an abrupt ninety degree turn south.  I hadn’t been drinking but wish I had been because what I had seen didn’t make a bit of sense.  Five other shooting stars did the same thing like they were playing a stellar Follow the Leader game.  And instead of brilliant white, they began to faintly glow different colors from pale green to pale blue.  No way, I thought to myself.  Was I seeing not one but five or six UFOs?  I couldn’t identify them so yeah; I guess at least to me they were unidentified.  I pulled out my phone to call “911” because there wasn’t anyone else for me to call.  No service.

The objects stayed within view and seemed to be flying lower and lower.  The only thing I could do was watch and I assumed they didn’t see me as I was sitting in the dark and had not turned any lights on in the motorhome so as not to drown out my view of the night sky.  Charlie sat up on the picnic table and started to whine as the objects came into clear view not more than 1000 feet above our heads.  They were about the size of a fighter jet however other than the faint glow of pale colors, they seemed to be transparent.  They emitted no sounds whatsoever.

The lead aircraft as I now thought them to be landed about a mile away next to the Rio Grande.  The others hovered above their leader as if keeping watch.  Opening the door of the Jeep I told Charlie to hop in and we drove quickly in the direction of the river.

Dust blocked my view as if in a windstorm.  Suddenly my Jeep quit running.  It just died.  It was like it had run out of gas and lost all battery power at the same time.  The Jeep wasn’t even a year old.  That shouldn’t have happened.  Charlie had grown silent.  I lowered the soft top to get a better view but I wasn’t about to leave the Jeep.  I watched as the five aircraft hovering above us seemed to retreat to a higher altitude and the one on the ground lifted off like a silent helicopter.  Then it turned towards us and after hovering for a few moments sped off quickly into the sky with the others.  My headlights came on and lit the desert.  With a turn of the key it cranked and I headed back to the motorhome. 

Immediately upon entering the coach, I turned on the TV but there was no mention of any strange activity in the area.  No special reports, no alerts. 


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