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Does Myspace ruin lives

Updated on May 20, 2009

What is Myspace: the truth


 Myspace is what almost every single person in the world has. It's the social networking site that allows it's members to connect with other members from all over the world. Every single person seems too love Myspace.

Too most people Myspace is fun, a great way to meet new people. too stay in touch with old friends, too hook up ( sleep ) with people, too job hunt and so many other great things that people say about Myspace.

How about the people who has had their life ruin at some point due to the social networking site? They probably think differently, a whole lot differently then those who absolutely love Myspace. Sit back and enjoy some topics and stories that could be and might be true about how the social networking giant has ruin their lives at one point.

The STD trap

Its always fun and games when guys/girls are looking for a random sleep over. Sure they browse and browse and then when they find someone more them willing who will love for them to have a sleepover they jump at the chance. The sleep over happens and then the guy/girl wakes up not feeling too good and their junk ( private parts ) feels like it has something wrong with it.

You get the point and there are no statistics that I can find about how many people actually contract these wonderful gifts but given the popularity of the social networkingsite it is probably way too many to count. Every single day there is probably some poor guy/girl out there looking for fun and end up getting something they did not bargain for.


The falling in love crap

There are way to many people who think that they are falling or fell for someone that they have talked to from the social networking site. Sure it does happen but when things go wrong oh boy do they go wrong huh.

Every day and probably every hour there is some guy/girl that thinks that they have fallen in love with a person that they have been talking to on Myspace. Sometimes they meet and things go great for sometime but when it ends the person on the receiving end of the break up usually thanks Myspacefor ruining their lives and giving up so much of their time. Sometimes the poor guy/girl thinks that they have fallen in love but only to fall in deep regret. Sometimes the other person will think that they are in love but in reality they think that they have just found a slave to control and so forth.

The list can go on and on about how many lives are ruined ( in the opinions of people who have found and lost love on Myspace ) by people falling in love or think they have fallen in love by using the networking site.

Landing the dream job...... or not

Myspace even has a section where people can look for jobs. So many people have gotten jobs through Myspace but think about it, the average user is probably 13-30 so finding your dream job through Myspace might not be the best road to go down.

So there are probably some people out there who actually found jobs that they love by using Myspace. Then there are the ones who landed some crappy sales job that they found by using the social networking site. They end up selling artwork door to door or even toys with little or no base pay or commission only and so forth. So these people's work lives might be ruined for a little while.

Being cyber stalked

The social networking giant can probably be blamed for countless of stalkings, also known as cyberstalking. There are many forms of being stalked via the net especially Myspace. Being the victim of a cyberstalking is never flattering and usually takes the fun out of Myspace for most people.

People who are infamous for cyberstalking are exes, fans ( OK not real fans ), weirdos,baby mommas and fathers, perverts and people from all walks of lives. These people will send vulgar emails, try to be part of your life and maybe even send you over some death threats of some sort or some other form of nice emails.

Again there are probably no exact numbers for the amount of crazy stalkers and people who are being or have been stalked on the social networking site but with Myspace's impressive members count it is probably safe to say way to much for most people's likings.

Having your pictures stolen

Every single day there are people who are finding their pictures used on other profiles. It is not fun when you are having a grand old time on Myspace and come across a fake profile of yourself or find pictures of yourself where they should not be.

Picture it, you're having a blast online, surfing for new friends, snooping around comments on other profiles and BOOM you find a profile dedicated to making you look like an idiot, pervert, weirdo or something else that is not good.

Getting stood up

Finding someone to meet online, you drive a few hours or eve fly to see them and then they don't show..................that's being stood up and it happens every single day to innocent adults who are just lonely and need someone.

It also happens to perverts who are looking around on Myspace for people to simply hook up with. This happens often so people might want to be a little careful.

Tell your own story or story you know of about how Myspace ruin your life at one time

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