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How Does Mystery Google Work Mystery Google Gibberish Search Results

Updated on September 26, 2016

How Mystery Google Works

Mystery Google is the latest search engine results set from Google. You simply search as normal, but instead of getting the results you expected and wanted, you're given the results that the person who was searching just before you was after - so, of course, the result will be for that person's keywords. Radical!

It's the latest in a long line of Google Easter Eggs - hidden features...

This has to be the most pointless new Google search tool ever - except, it can be fun. GREAT FUN! It takes you out of your normal world and into the world of other searchers ... who KNOWS where you'll end up today!

How Does Mystery Google Work?

If I search for "Halloween", then you (hundreds of miles away) are the next person to use the feature and you search for "top cars for sale", you'd get websites about parties and ghosts - and not the latest Fiat 500 Arbarth!

For those techies among you, it works on a datacentre-by-datacentre basis, so it's the last Google search performed at the datacentre you're using. So the answer to How Does Mystery Google Work is actually quite straight forward, it's not magic at all!

So, an utterly useless new Google search tool, but it is the hottest and latest, so it's certainly going viral and bringing thousands of people back to using Google as their search engine.

Mystery Google
Mystery Google

Google Mystery can end up a bit like the famous Two Ronnies sketch, with Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker. This Two Ronnies Mastermind sketch had one of them asking questions and the other one would answer each question two questions after it was asked. Hilarious.

Two Ronnies Sketch: Answering the Question Too Late is transcribed below.

Where Can I Find Mystery Google or Mystery Seeker?

Try out Mystery Google or Mystery Seeker now for yourself.

You used to be able to simply do a Google search at and then choose "I am feeling lucky" - this website is now unavailable.

Update: It's been removed now. Google took the website down.

The website is still owned by Google and being managed by their branding protection department.

Answering the Question After it is Asked Sketch

As I said earlier, Mystery Google search results reminded me immediately of the hilarious comedy sketch, based on a Mastermind set, where the contestant was answering each question two questions after it was asked - and with some clever questions it resulted in a hilarious sketch.

I have transcribed this below, for those who can't watch the video:

The Two Ronnies Mastermind Sketch

I've taken the time to transcribe this for you:

Answering the Question Before Last

Q: What is paleontology?
A: Yes, absolutely correct

Q: What is the name of the directory which lists members of the peerage?
A: A study of old fossils

Q: Who are Len Murray and Sir Geoffrey Howe?
A: Burkes

Q: What is the difference between a donkey and an ass?
A: One is a Trade Union leader, the other one is a member of the cabinet.

Q:Complete the quotation "To be or not to be..."
A:They are both the same

Q:What is Bernard Manning famous for?
A: That is the question

Q: Who is the current Archbishop of Canterbury?
A: He is a fat man who tells blue jokes

Q: What do people kneel on in church?
A: The Right Reverend Robert Runcey

Q: What do tarantulas pray on?
A: Cassocks

Q: What would you use a rip cord to pull open?
A: Large flies

Q: What sort of person lives in Bedlam?
A: A parachute

Q: What is a jockstrap?
A: A nut case

Q:For what purpose would a decorator use methylene chlorides?
A: A form of athletic support

Q: What did Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec do?
A: Paint strippers

Q:Who is Dean Martin?
A:A kind of artist
Q: Yes, what sort of artist?
A: Erm, Pass
Q: That's near enough

Q: What make of vehicle is the standard London bus
A: A singer

Q: In 1892 Brandon Thomas wrote a famous long running British farce, what was it?
A: British Leyland

Q: Complete the following quotation about Mrs Thatcher: "Her heart may be in the right place but her .."
A:Charlies aren't.


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    • earner profile image

      Dedicated Content Curator 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Update: Mystery Google is dead. Mystery Google no longer works. Mystery Google was removed. So why?

      We can only guess why things start or stop, but I can tell you that the site wasn't owned by Google.... so Google bought it and if you want to find where Mystery Google went it's at

    • MyWebs profile image

      Anthony Goodley 8 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      MysteryGoogle is no more. The web site has been taken down.

    • Alycia Franklin profile image

      Alycia Franklin 8 years ago

      I have not tried Mystery Google yet.

    • hmcshah07 profile image

      hmcshah07 8 years ago from Ahmedabad

      hey friend, you made a nice effort from this hub,All the best for future.....

    • Jenna May Swan profile image

      Jenna May Swan 8 years ago

      Made me laugh!

    • APD Marketing profile image

      APD Marketing 8 years ago from England

      Shame the video got removed as that was one very funny sketch!



    • Carmen Borthwick profile image

      Carmen Borthwick 8 years ago from Maple Ridge, B.C.

      I remember the two Ronnies, hilarious. I'll have to check out the new google search tool. Thanks for passing it along.

    • John Alan profile image

      John Alan 8 years ago from Florida

      very cool hub. I checked it out, very random lol.

    • scarytaff profile image

      Derek James 8 years ago from South Wales

      I remember that one. They were the best.