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NDT Schools Florida

Updated on November 25, 2014

Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

What do NDT techs do?

NDT techs perform tests on different materials to detect flaws and defects that might cause material failure to properly function or to properly provide a safe use of.

Where is NDT applied?

NDT technology is used to perform tests on: aircraft, railways, storage tanks, concrete, walls and floors, wire-rope, pipeline and other important materials.

How do NDT techs test the materials?

NDT testing is performed in such a way that it does not interfere or affect the future usefulness of the material. They test it in such manner that the material or object is not damaged in any way and it is ready to be used for its purpose immediately after the tests.


What types of NDT testing are there?

The most important types of NDT testing are :

Radiography - RT

It is a type of testing that uses gamma radiation or X-rays to examine internal defects of material. In order to become a fully qualified RT Level III tech one is required to take the following classes:

  1. Radiation Safety Class
  2. RT Level I Class
  3. RT Level II Class
  4. Film Interpretation Class
  5. Optional - Radiation Safety Officer Class


Ultrasonic Testing - UT

Ultrasonic testing uses high frequency sound waves to locate flaws or changes in material properties.

To become a UT Level III Tech one needs to take the following classes:

  1. UT Level I
  2. UT Level II
  3. Optional: Weld Inspection


Electromagnetic Testing - ET

Most common ET method is Eddy Current Testing. It uses electrical currents are generated in a conductive material by a a magnetic field. This type of testing is also used for inspection of aircraft.

In order to become a fully qualified Level III ET tech one is required to take the following classes:

  1. ET Level I
  2. ET Level II
  3. ET Level II - Aircraft


Magnetic Particle Testing - MT

MT is performed by inducing a magnetic field in a ferrous material and then dusting the surface of inspected material with iron particles. This produced a visual indication of the flaws.

To become a MT Level III Tech one needs to take the following classes:

  1. MT Level I
  2. MT Level II

Learn NDT - A very exciting and rewarding industry to be in!

There are a great number of NDT schools that provide training in various fields. NDT Schools Florida located in Panama City provides training for everyone that is interested in learning NDT. Classes are held by an industry expert with more than 30 years of experience.

*Note: We reimburse course fees for students that we decide to hire!

To learn more or Register for classes visit


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    • profile image

      peter miseda 9 months ago

      I wish to do rediographic trainig level 1 and 2 how do I go about it

    • NDT Expert profile image

      Phillip Bracken 2 years ago from Chicago, IL

      NDT is a great industry to be a part of , glad to see the interest here.

    • edwards101 profile image

      edwards101 3 years ago from Panama City, FL

      @abdullah alsayed

      I will forward your questions to our instructor and he will reply ASAP.


      The training is held in Panama City, Florida, USA


    • profile image

      kayo 3 years ago

      Is the training in the Republic of Panama? because I would love to carry out this training with you guys

    • profile image

      abdullah alsayed 3 years ago

      Dear Sir,

      Hi this is Abdullah Alsayed. I am interested to have a training course in non destructive testing (NDT) in your school,

      But I want to know if you are offering a training on this courses PT,MT level 2 and ,ET,RT,UT level 1 , As per( NAS 410 ) (AND EN 4179) .

      i want to know how much for NDT ?

      In addition I need to know the period of the whole courses. thank you ...