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Naming A Blog

Updated on August 11, 2010

Naming A Blog

This is from my blog at I hope you find it useful. It took me some time to come up with a new name that I thought better suited my blog.

Well, I've decided on a new name. Yes I'm still on a quest for life's answers(hence the subdomain name) but so much of what I write is totally random that I finally succumbed to the temptation to give it a new name. I write about many different topics mostly topics relating in some way to me but sometimes I just pick something out of the blue and write about it.
Oddly, while on my quest for a new name I found a variety of blog names I liked but found search engines to be oversaturated with the names I like. I also found many of the names associated with religion. Perhaps, that's due to the fact I was looking at numbers in the name. I'm told it has to do with numerology. Well, I finally found something new that I think describes my blog.
Right now it's my experience with stalking that has gotten me wound up and writing like there is no tomorrow and the urge to get as many of his posts to my blog as possible. You might be wondering why I would want to do this. Well, I have the desire to expose this person as the sick, sadistic individual that he is and not because I'm some nutty woman on a rampage like those you see in movies but the real world horror of dealing with the pain, agony and fear of what might or could happen next. A stalking victim never feels safe. I so hate that word. Victim makes me think of some of the people I've dealt with in my life that pretend to be victims to get sympathy when in reality they are attentions grabbers, they want people to cry for them and offer words of prayer yet they are as much in need as a rattlesnake. It somehow makes them feel more powerful, more loved in some sick way that astounds me and makes me want to find the nearest toilet and stick my head in it.
In time I will expose this person for who is but only after I've exposed every rotten thing about him here for everyone to see. I normally would put this on another blog I use specifically for the purpose of exposure and dirt dishing but this isn't your ordinary mud slinging here. I'm not slinging mud I'm laying out the truth in one post at a time. And I will put his name for everyone to see but only after I've decided it's safe to do so. By that I mean I've talked to my lawyer after all I don't want to get in trouble for something my stalker is doing and I expose it and end up in hot water.
I'm on a quest to share my experiences not only with the ugly truth of stalking but my adventures and there have been a fair number. For anyone who knows me well knows I like to travel and sometimes my travels take me to places I never intended to end up but afterwards am glad I did. I take pictures on a regular basis when I'm out hunting for abandoned and/or haunted places. In my searching I find quite a few abandoned houses which I photograph and people seem to like to see them. There's something mystical and surreal about finding something abandoned that I can explore and I know there are others out there like me from my searching for similar websites/blogs online.
I have the need to extol my tribulations even though sometimes they are hard to write about. But there is a need as there probably is in everyone that writes. Although I don't consider myself a writer just someone writing.

It's difficult finding a good name for a blog. I tried many blog names by punching in what I like into google and found that much of what I like was already taken. Not so much taken but many similar names showed up in the search results. This gave me pause as to the name I would choose. And while I was trying to choose a catchy, realistic name for my blog I found a number of other blogs of great interest. But I didn't really want my blog associated with these blogs. Many were religious in nature and I find myself wondering why I ended up with those. For some reason the name I chose evoked religion. And although I intend to write about religious topics I don't want my blog found below these other popular religious blogs as someone finds mine he/she is probably not going to have much interest in stalking, travel or automotive repair, cars, etc. So this in my opinion makes for a better title.
It took me awhile to finally settle on something that made sense to me. I had originally titled it the quest but that didn't quite convey what the blog is about since there are alot of random topics unrelated to each other.
And of course I want to make my blog interesting to those who come here to read it so I don't like getting too personal and I've managed to stay away from that in my other blogs. The urge to start many new blogs has overcome me at one point or another which one must be diligent to avoid. There is no way a person can write in 15 different blogs(no I didn't have that many, that's just an example of some people can get carried away with blogging). It's more important to choose one or two or even three or four and remain active in those and even with only two or three it can be a task to write in those everyday with all the other responsibilities there are.

It's more important to me to have the traffic. That's even more important than monetization because without the traffic there will be no money from the blog. The blog must be interesting(I may have failed in that category however time will soon tell) for people to keep coming back and become consistent everyday readers that's why you need to blog everyday or in the case of my abandoned blog with photos(there exists the need for many pictures and stories). There are several similar websites with many, many stories and photos, far too many to look at or read on one visit so this pushes me to go back another day to see more. By the time I get through going through the site there is new material up.

There are a number of sites out there offering good tips regarding blog names. That is the first and most important step. It is step one.

So I've renamed my blog now I need traffic. That would be step number two.


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