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Indira Gandhi's National Textile Corporation Can't make a Bullet Proof Jacket even after 25 years.

Updated on February 19, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

The Birth Of N T C.( Still Sick)

Sun shine to Sun set.

The hay days for the textile Mills were soon over for those textile mills which were mostly family run or mills managed badly.Many textile mills were closed which did not pay workers wages,power bills,bank loans,store suppliers,raw material suppliers and statutory dues to the govt.There was unemployment of textile mill workers and their trade unions started agitation in as many ways as that are prevalent today except violent agitations.Few State Govt's took over few mills and started running them as relief under takings bu it was a all India problem.The then Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi took over en-block over 101 closed and badly managed mills.This was a giant step taken but soon it was a giant problem no sooner Mrs Indira Gandhi was assassinated.

A New name was given to NTC as National Textile Corruption.Mills after Mills went on Sick List and Govt found it very difficult to find Honest Technocrats to Head these mills.In fact no Honest Technocrat was willing to Join these sick mills as there was day to day problems which were mostly solved by a Officer sitting in a City but the mill hundred of miles away.Over 50 Large and Medium Mills are now closed.Billions of Tax payers money paid to get rid of work of now after more than 25 years only 50 plus mills are working out of 111 units to feed the inefficient system.All the mills would have been making profit if it was well managed.The management which ordered the machines under the guise of Modernization are from company's which are now closed and the other private mills have thrown out those machines.The Balance Sheet of National Textile Corporation must be checked by CAG and reported to PAC as they have sold land belonging to the closed mills especially in city's which has perhaps made them rich perhaps by over 10000 crore we the public do not know as the balance sheet is not available in their website .Not a single mill is making even a Seat Belt for our Indian Made Cars.Even our Armed Forces and Police do not have a real BULLET PROOF JACKET made by any NTC mill in any of its best mills.

The Indian National Trust for Art and Heritage has filed a public interest litigation in the Bombay high court to save heritage structures located inside Mumbai’s old mills. and many mills all over India.The Heritage structures were demolished ignoring the The Indian National Trust for Art and Heritage instructions.Why these people kept quite only Anna Hazare can tell.

Finlay Mills was the best in India.


Iron Lady gave jobs to millions of jobless textile workers.

Iron Lady of India.
Iron Lady of India. | Source

Jews Killed You so you go to War,Indians were Killed so we go to War - That was Our Iron Lady PM.


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