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Need to Know About Stick On Card Holder

Updated on February 19, 2017

Stick on Card Holder or phone wallet for Iphone and Android is the latest phone accessory designed for phones. It is made with leather material just like the other wallets designed to store bills, cards and wallet sized photos. A stick on card holder is designed for your comfort. With this magical phone accessory you don’t need to bring heavy luggages or bags when you are going out. You can easily go wherever you want with your phone along with other essentials such us credit cards, ATM cards or ID cards secured in the phone wallet. You can also choose different colors and designs that matches your phone designs.

Carry your essentials without hassle whether you’re going to malls or having a walk with a stick on card holder from Wallaroo. You can leave your heavy bags or wallets on your seat when you are at a coffee shop. You can also free your pockets and use your iPhone wallet instead.

Keep your credit cards close to you and your phone.
Keep your credit cards close to you and your phone.

What are the features of Wallaroo’s Stick on Card Holder?

Wallaroo’s stick on card holder is compatible with iPhones and android phones like iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7plus, and some android phones like Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Notes and others. It is also compatible with some phone cases from apple and other brands. It is best fit with any phones and phones cases with a width of 2.5inch/ 6.4cm. What else? It is designed with a Non-slip interior to keep your card holder to stick on your phone for a longer time. You can also use a strong 3M adhesives to attach it to your phone.

You cannot leave the house without your phone? Well, so is your cash or card.
You cannot leave the house without your phone? Well, so is your cash or card.

Wallaroo vs. Other Brands

This is made for fashion or with a class so why not try this latest product? It has a good quality design that will last for a longer period of time unlike the other stick on credit card holders. Other brands are made with cheap materials like plastic and rubber that could easily get broken, cut or tear when not used well, Some also have annoying smell and is not echo friendly. Sometimes it will cost some trouble if you will not notice small cuts or tear because it may lead to bigger cuts and you might just lose your accessory with the card or cash in it. Aside from that it will cost more expenses when you will buy a new one.

I recommend you to try this product because leathers do not easily tear or destroy just like your high quality leather wallets that you've been using for years. By the way, it can hold 2-3 cards depending on the thickness of your cards. It can hold 6 thin cards and designed with a taller pocket so you can hide your cards for security. If you have a retro fashion sense or just someone who adores leather products, then this product is your best fit.

There are numerous new products out there so make sure to buy something that is useful and will satisfy your needs. Do not just buy some cheap accessory just because it looks beautiful or because you think you will only use it for a short while.


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