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Positive and Negative Effects of Modern Technology

Updated on October 26, 2019
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Sharon Lopez is a government employee who spends her free time writing on various subjects including topics on artificial intelligence

Modern Technology
Modern Technology | Source

The Modern World

New Technology
New Technology | Source

We are now in the state where everything can be attained by a mere press of a button or a mouse click. Almost anything can be done effortlessly and efficiently in the least possible time. Remote controlled television, one touch washing machine, air conditioning units, cellular phones, tablet and i phones, computers and internet, satellites, latest medical equipments, cars that can run at a topmost speed, airplanes, submarines, etc. We almost have it all and if we will come to think about it, we are already living in an almost perfect world.

As mankind carry on with its journey towards the twenty-first century, it also continue to discover new and innovative ways and means of doing things. Technology has been with us since man started to realize that he needs to toil in order to survive. Natural resources which have been converted into simple tools in order to make the job easier is an example of technology.

Modern Technology

Modern Technology - Drone
Modern Technology - Drone | Source

Through continues studies and research man was able to develop more advance technology as the passing of time. Simple tools which were invented by our ancestors had been continually improved until it has become a great utility that we are using nowadays.

One concrete example is a piece wood which has been transformed into a wheel in order to make travelling easier. These were the earliest forms of transportation. The concept and idea has been improved, developed and recreated. Now, we have vehicles which can run as fast as a hundred and more kilometers per hour.

An old mode of transportation in the Philippines.  A horse-drawn rig or haise
An old mode of transportation in the Philippines. A horse-drawn rig or haise | Source

The Modern Era

We are now on the era of modern technology which can be attributed to the hard-work and perseverance of great people with great minds who worked to the best of their abilities to come up with things that made a great contribution to the development of man. Great people that we should extend our gratitude for such an amazing inventions. For without them, we won’t be enjoying all these things. So much so, we can say that modern technology has already invades and prevails the world.

Technology is all around us. From the time we woke up in the morning, to the preparation of our foods and things that we need as human individuals, travelling to and from our work place until we rest at night. In fact, it is now a major part of our daily life.

Modern Technology - Great Tool

Modern Technology
Modern Technology | Source

Modern Technology is a tool designed to help mankind to achieve a better life by providing a more convenient way of accomplishing things. For instance, the creation of motorized vehicles enables us to travel great distance; the microwave ovens cook food easily without using stoves and making a big mess; the washing machine wash clothes faster and less strenuous; the invention of radio and television gives people entertainment that colors their tedious lives; the improvements of medicine cure the sick and thus lowering the death rate; the smart phones that makes communicating with other people a lot easier; And there are still many others. Generally, modern technology is a step forward for fast, efficient and more professionally completed task than ever before. And this is why it is very important, especially for the office workers, doctors, teachers, engineers, call center agents, police enforcers, as well as students.

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Effects of Modern Technology

However, as we all know, too much of anything could also bring harm to anybody. Technology can be a big help provided that we use it accordingly. In the case of internet, too many students tend to become so dependent on it that they could no longer practice the ability of being resourceful.

So much so, technologies can be a major distraction for students. There are times when instead of working on their assignments or projects, they ended up playing video games, using social sites and other applications. One of the most distracting form technologies for most students are games, applications and social networking sites.

Children’s attitudes and behaviors are far worse than before. Before the existence of modern technology, students were more hard-working, creative, energetic, resourceful and patient. It can be observed on the other hand that the students nowadays days relies almost everything to modern technology which makes them lazy and dependent. They also failed to realize that too much exposure to these modern gadgets may cause some health problems like poor eyesight, improper posture and even cancer.

We say that modern technology helps us reach out even to those relatives and friends in other countries. But the truth is that communication has been blocked because we are more concentrated on the games and other similar activities rather than having conversation with our families. Because we always on the lookout on what is the latest happening online, we tend to forget the people around us. Everyone is busy with their own activities that we oftentimes took for granted what we need to give priorities to.

Development as defined is a change for the better. But what if these technological advancements could instead of bringing things together will be the reason for us to be separated from each other and lost our focus on the more important things? Can we still call it as development?

Modern technology is not the problem but on the people themselves. This is a call for discipline, for evaluating our actions and for correcting ourselves while there is time. Learning to use these things to the best of our advantage rather than being slave to it should be considered by each and everyone of us.

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How to Maximize the Benefit of Modern Technology?

Create and Follow a Schedule

this is applicable to parents having children who can no longer detach themselves in front of the television, computers or gaming gadgets. Having a schedule and following it strictly could help us as well as our children.

Turn off these things when needed

we should learn when to turn off things even if we are in the middle of excitement because we need to abide by the rules. Sometimes, it was the parents who are the ones breaking the rules.

Find other useful activities

we can schedule a visit to any historical places, parks or beautiful tourist spots near our place in order to have a break from the monotonous schedule brought by these new gadgets. We can also engage n other worthwhile activities such as sports, cooking, exercising, etc.

Explain the Negative Effects of Overexposure to gadgets of our Children

Show yourself as an example remember, children, learn from what they see. So if we show them that we as parents can follow simple rules, there’s no reason for them not to follow the same.


On the final thought

It's not the modern technology that we should be worried about, but rather, on the way people make use of modern gadgets. New technology was developed to assist and make things easy, to augment and not to destroy.

How we make use of the technology will determine its value and usefulness. It's a great gift and we should know how to use it properly to our best advantage.

Thank you for reading.


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