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New Innovative Smart Contact Lenses from Google

Updated on March 3, 2015
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Contact Lenses Have Come a Long Way

As a contact lenses wearer, I have seen the developments of corrective lenses first hand. I still remember when contact lenses were still a hard type lenses that felt uncomfortable in your eye. Whereas now, you have contact lenses that you are hardly feel anymore. Corrective lenses have gone a long way, and they are still continuing to develop innovative ideas.

Google's Step-up from Google Glasses

One new innovative idea that has recently caught my eye is Google’s new Smart Contact Lenses. Not too long ago, Google came out with the Google Glasses that enabled users to take pictures, record video, find directions, and even translate your voice (Google, 2014). Now they stepped up to a whole new level by incorporating the Smart Contact Lenses.


What are Smart Contact Lenses?

Developers of the Smart Contact Lenses are going for a new angle though by gearing this invention towards those that suffer from Diabetes. Typically people with Diabetes tend to not check their glucose levels due to the pain of having to prick their fingers or how it takes time out of their busy schedules, which can be very dangerous. These contact lenses allow for their glucose levels to be checked once every second. The contact lenses can measure glucose through tears. How this is accomplished is by having a wireless chip along with a tiny glucose sensor inserted in between two soft contact lenses. There will be a tiny pinhole in the lenses that allow for the tears to flow into the glucose sensor (Barr, 2014).

Such a Cool Innovative Idea!

This new innovative concept, can serve as a great purpose for those that suffer from Diabetes. Although it is still a work in progress, so no others features of these Smart Contact Lenses have been established. I find this new invention to be a very unique idea, and I think in time that everyone will be using these corrective lenses for everyday occurrences.

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