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The Endless Mini- A New Cheap and Innovative Internet enabled desktop Computer

Updated on January 24, 2016

Endless mini computer

The endless mini computer
The endless mini computer | Source

Endless Mini

A San Francisco company Endless has an unusual business plan to introduce desktop computers in this age of high technological devices. The odd shaped grapefruit sized device is spherical in shape and holds key websites on its hard drive.

Smartphone technology has found its way to millions of homes world wide which include I-phone, tablets and Smartphone’s. The new introduction of the endless mini is to reduce the gap between the poor countries that grapple with poor internet connectivity.

With an astounding one billion people in rural areas the rock bottom price of the desktop computer is a good development. Endless is proposing to sell the smart device at a giveaway price of 79 dollars.

The chief executive of Endless Matt Dalio in a bid to reduce the divide between people that do not have computers and internet access was instrumental in developing the Endless-mini.

The chief executive officer believes by lowering the price and providing internet connectivity even without local service providers will benefit billions of people.

Matt Dalio and his team created the amazing Endless mini device after conducted extensive research and development. The focused on developing markets and realization that customers desired affordable computers over Smartphone devices.

Endless mini

The endless mini computer is compatible with smart televisions
The endless mini computer is compatible with smart televisions

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Features of the Endless mini

The endless mini has a cool 650 megabytes with lots of articles from Wikipedia. It also has educational materials from Khan Academy that works without any internet connection.

The Endless mini when connected to the web downloads latest versions of the articles that are updated. The benefit of internet data on your desktop computer without high costs of connectivity especially in the third word has tremendous advantages for people worldwide.

It is also beneficial to students because of its focus on educational related articles and pages.

The interesting thing is the desktop computer does not come with a mouse or keyboard but you can buy one and attach to the device.

Another weird fact about the Endless mini is that it does not even have a monitor. The reasons offered by the chief executive officer Matt Dalio is that people have different specification for size of monitor so there is none. He says they can hook the Endless min to a monitor or even a television and use it as a monitor.

The device has 24 gigabyte storage space and powered by ARM Cortex-A processors and the operational system is Linux. Other features include over 100 dedicated applications, an option of word processing, and it has many games and spreadsheets.

Has over100 Applications

The endless min has over 100 APPs
The endless min has over 100 APPs

The Endless Mini

Features of Endless mini

1 24 Gigabyte storage space

2 Powered by ARM Cortex-A processor

3 100 applications

4 Option of Word processing

5 Linux operational system

6 Spreadsheets

7 Games

8 650 megabytes

Thing you won’t find in the Endless mini

1 It does not come with a monitor

2 No key board

3 No mouse

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The endless mini is small and compact

The endless mini computer is small and compact
The endless mini computer is small and compact

Things to Know about Endless Mini

Target Countries
24 gigabyte
No Monitor
100 APPs
No Keyboard
ARM Cortex-A processor
No Mouse

Target market

The chief executive officer says the first target market is Guatemala. He plans to grow and extend the market to other countries like Mexico and China.

The company in a bid to aid Guatemalans interested in owning the device allows them pay of the device for 3 dollars monthly. The financing is an initiative to help more people acquire the Endless mini at an affordable price.

Affordable laptops

Many companies in the past have tried to bridge the gap between user of lap tops in developed and third world countries. A roll out program of one laptop per child was launched in 2005 without much success.

The lap tops were sold at 100 dollar but unfortunately the price isn’t affordable for people in developing countries. In a country like Nigeria the minimum wage is 50 dollars which show such programs are bound to fail despite their good intentions.

Dalio does not expect a similar fate, arguing that a drop in price have helped them deliver a more powerful and useful product.

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