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New Smartphone Nokia 500 with price Rs.9500 comes to market

Updated on May 13, 2012
Nokia 500 new 1 GHz phone with price Rs.9500
Nokia 500 new 1 GHz phone with price Rs.9500

Even after almost loosing the competition with Android mobiles, Nokia is not ready to leave their Symbian. Before going to accept Windows mobile as their mobile OS for future smartphones, Nokia is releasing one more new row of smartphones in newer versions of Symbian anna and belle versions. Obviously as this is the last war, they have prepared well and the phones releasing with these OSs are coming to market with amazingly wonderful configurations at cheapest prices compared to competitors. Some of such new series of Nokia phone are Nokia 500, Nokia 600, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701. All of these includes 1GHz ARM processors

Nokia 500 (Price $200 Rs:9500 Euro140)

This is the first 1GHz processor phone from Nokia. The peculiarity of this phone is its cheap price. It comes with a processor that you can find only in high end smartphones. But this phone is a low priced one. Lower than most of the other low end smart phones. Simply speaking you cannot find such a good processor, RAM configuration in any other phones of this price range.

Operating system( Symbian Anna)

It is running on the latest version of Symbian Operating system called Anna. Nokia has announced that they are going to use Windows mobile in their future mobiles, throwing away Symbian series of Operating systems. Actually Symbian was good in low configuration phones. This OS gave life to a lot of low processing power phones of Nokia nearly 2 years ago. But even now this operating system is not able to take the full performance of newly released high performance processors. But Android was very good in this case. But this is the case of old versions of Symbian. But in this new Symbian Nokia has made considerable changes. From the initial snap shots and leaked photos of the user interface of the phone is an attempt to copy some features from other smart phone operating systems like Android. We cannot say how far they have succeeded in this attempt. That will be determined by the sales of the new Symbian series phones including Nokia 500. But Nokia is still considered as a brand on which you can relay in most of the countries including India. So we need to wait to see the market performance of last Symbian phones.

Processor (1GHz ARM 11 processor)

'Amazing' that is the only word that can be used to describe the attempt of Nokia to release its first 1GHz processor phone below 10K in India. Considering the fact that for getting any other phone with 1GHz processor in the market you will need to pay a minimum of 15K. So the performance of the processor in the phone will be just amazing. Only Nokia can provide such a superb processor under 10K. But the only thing that you need to think about this is that how much the new Symbian anna will be able to deliver using this superb processor. For experiencing the best quality of the processor you need to have a good operating system. According to the initial reports Symbian anna is performing well

RAM (256MB RAM and 512MB ROM)

256MB RAM is moderate in what you can expect from a sub 10K smartphone. Also the ROM of 512MB is also not available in any other brand's smart phone of this price range. As Symbian is an operating system using less RAM, this RAM is more than enough. Also as the phone memory is enough phone can perform well even if there is no memory card.

Camera (5MP Fixed focus)

Camera in this phone is moderate only comparing to other 10k price range smart phones. For having a good digital camera in phone, the associated circuitry processing the image also needs to be very good in addition to the 5MP lens. Nokia is infamous for using not so superior inner circuitry inside camera circuitry. So we need to wait and see how will be the inner circuitry in this phone camera.

Screen (TFT Capacitive touch screen)

Display is also good in this price range. The 3.2 inch touch screen is responsive enough. Watching videos in the 16M color screen is good enough. Also as there is a very good processor underlying you can play any format video with superb clarity

Battery(1110mAh Lithium Battery)

Battery is average only compared to Android phones of this price range. But we need to consider the fact that Android is a more battery consuming Operating system. So battery needs to be good. But Symbian does not consume so much battery. So you can expect more battery life in Symbian phones compared to Android phones of


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    • profile image 3 years ago

      Very smart phone

    • vinner profile image

      vinner 6 years ago from India

      This phone has a very good processing power. After update to Symbian Belle, it is some what ok. But before with Symbian Anna, it was not at all good from the software side.

    • profile image

      Amit 6 years ago

      After some time then i got this phone it was amazing compare than samsung s6102

    • profile image

      Afsal 6 years ago

      Recently I purchased a Nokia 500 phone. It is fast and will not slow down even after opening 5 or 6 apps simultaneously. But the phone is showing some misbehaviours from the starting itself, like restarting on its own, calling contacts unknowingly,no response of touch especially sometimes when I am trying to take call.

      Everybody told that the problem will be solved after update. But even after updating it exists

      Also the camera pictures contains a lot of noise

    • profile image

      Ross 6 years ago

      My friend purchased this phone. It is very fast, but it is experiencing random reboots. It is not because enough RAM is there, but some other hardware problem.

    • vinner profile image

      vinner 6 years ago from India

      Surely it is an amazing phone to possess. You can never get a phone with such configuration like 1GHz processor, 256MB RAM, 5MP camera in any other brand phone even in Micromax

    • Abdul Muqeet Khan profile image

      Abdul Muqeet Khan 6 years ago from islamabad

      hmm def a great phone i might purchase it if it comes to pakistan