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New Information Technology, and Older Users

Updated on December 5, 2012
New Technology for the ld School Generation - Cell Phones -vs- SmartPhones
New Technology for the ld School Generation - Cell Phones -vs- SmartPhones | Source

I am from the "Old School Generation" and have learned how to manage my life through my years of trial and error experience. The rude awakening that today's New Technology makes everything I do best and efficiently seem like a slow reinvention of the same old wheel, has brought me a moment of pause. As I have learned to relax around all of these new-fangled technological consumer products, the "New Technology for an Old School Generation" has become a vast pool of life changing gadgets. My new alarm sounding, light blinking, text reminding life tech-tools have allowed me to enjoy this era of my life with the constant scheduled enjoyment never before experienced. I would like to share with you how truly simple it is to cross over to the technological gadget lifestyle. You may never forget where you are supposed to be, who's birthday it is, or if you have already taken today's medications again!

New Technologically Designed Smart Phones

I use to think just how cool my circa 1980's and 90's cell (mobile) phone was— even as I was trying to find a place in my coat pocket or purse where the bulky brick-sized behemoth would fit. As the years moved forward, so did the cell phone design, managing to end up small enough to fit in my coin pocket and even tucked inconspicuously in my cleavage. As the cell phone exterior design became much smaller, the cell phone interior brain became much larger; figuratively speaking. I was always able to devise several reasons why I hated to upgrade my phone, or change to a new cell phone plan, all of which seem reasonable until I actually begin to shop. Today's smart phones play such a significant roll in my life that I surly would be lost without them.

New Technology Allows langauge Translation in an App, helping Military and Travelers Very Soon!

Reasons for NOT Upgrading to New Technology; or so I Thought...

At first the idea of having to program all of that old information into a new phone was just far to daunting of a task. But then the nice young girl told me she could transfer every bit of my information to a new SmartPhone, and in just a few seconds. Reason one for not upgrading to new technology quickly was thrown out the window.

Having to learn how a new phone operates was something I certainly had NO time for or desire to learn. Then while looking at the smart phone's hanging on the wall of the "Phone Store" a representative allowed me to surf around on one. Well, it was only seconds before I had fallen in love with the simplistic way this tech device functioned. I could find every screen with ease and the function buttons were placed in a very simple pattern even I could manage. Reason two now lay quietly beside reason one.

SmartPhones make life easier to manage no matter what generation you are from!
SmartPhones make life easier to manage no matter what generation you are from! | Source

These New Smart Phone's are just to high-tech for an old-bird like me to use, it would just be a waste of applications and technology. Then I swished my finger across the screen to find a fully touch responsive gadget that was like playing a video game while managing my life all at the same, now I was starting to get the whole fun filled idea of these New Technology rich products! Reason three, gone the way of the Do-Do bird.

Managing Life from One SmartPhone Location!

All-in-all I kept fighting with less vigor as I challenged myself to get familiar with the Newest Cell Phone technology. This is what I found;

  • High quality sound that is easy to hear even with a hearing-aide (my dad confirmed this for me).
  • My favorite music at a touch.
  • Perfected regular phone functions.
  • Easy GPS system in the palm of my hand, in or out of my car.
  • Internet access no matter where I am, and the interactive device fits right in my pocket.
  • Every date and appointment organized simply on one calendar.
  • Daily reminders as to medication timing, doctors appointments, anniversaries, needed groceries, and anything else I tap into the hand held smart phone calendar.

  • Access to a calculator, timer, stopwatch, alarm clock, world clock, notepad, and even a sketch pad.
  • If my eyes are tired and I can't see so well, I can turn on the voice commands and operate my SmartPhone through the use of my own voice.
  • I have an on-board camera that is ready to use in a blink. I rarely miss a fun sudden photo opportunity, and I have even used the camera as a documentation tool for a car accident I witnessed.
  • When I am playing the waiting game at the dentist office, I can actually be playing Spider Solitaire, Scrabble, or any other (even action) games I have an app for. I love the portability of all of the games; keeping the brain working at quick pace is vital for the Old School Generation!
  • If (God forbid) I can't recall where I am, or get lost, my memory stops working, if I wonder away from a familiar place, or get kidnapped (had to throw that in) the internal locating device in my SmartPhone can help my loved ones find me easily—or know where not to look.
  • Anything (almost) that I can do on my computer I can manage on this tiny little Smart Phone. And it fits in my pocket, I can take it everywhere, it is easy to use, and the games are a productive way to help keep my mind sharp in these later years.


SmartPhone Comparison Chart

Samsung Galaxy S Pro
Not Yet Available 
512 MB LPDDR2 
Evo 4G 
512 MB LPDDR1 
iPhone 4 
$200 (16GB) -- $300 (32 GB) 
Droid X
Motorola Droid
Nexus One
Dell Streak
Nokia N900
Blackberry Bold 9700
$200 (T-Mobile)
Blackberry Storm2 9550
Palm Pre Plus
$50 (Verizon) -- $150 (AT&T)


Are you worried about being able to understand the New SmartPhone technology?

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Teaching an Old Dog, a Few New Smart Phone Tricks

When I think about the fun, time saving, life managing attributes of the New Technology gadget, the Smart Phone, I have to smile. This one tech gadget has changed my daily life, and for the better! Yes. I kicked and screamed about technology taking over the world. Flashes of a monotoned calm computer voice asking for, "Hal" had long been my perception of such science-fiction concepts. I have reassigned my thinking with joy and convenience these days. With a little help from those gadget savvy youngsters who service the world of technology, I found a cohesive relationship with my Smart Phone.

Using a modern cell phone gadget keeps me on time, medicated properly, in the know, and even entertains my down time with games. Am I emmersed in new devices? No, not just yet. But the idea holds very little fear now that I have a wonderful understanding for the use and usefulness of a Smart Phone.

Concluding New Technology for an Old School Generation

In conclusion, I leave you with this; no matter what generation you come from, today's New Technology can bring your life a manageable edge. So the New Technology for this Old School Generation gal, has become more a friend and less a foe. Don't be afraid to reach out to those who were born into this world with laptop in one hand and an iPhone in the other, what they can teach us old dogs, is much!


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