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New clean energy concept

Updated on August 18, 2012

Waste water electric power generator

USA scientists have made prototype of a generator who is able to produce electric energy from waste water. The team of scientists from Pennsylvania University stands behind this project. They claim that this is actually possible. According them, with this device many countries can gain access to clean water and electric energy at the same time.

Scientists from Netherlands are trying to develop similar project. This project will use water from the places where water from rivers is mixed with the water from the sea. This process is known as reversible electrodyalisis. Fresh river water and salty sea water are placed in separate chambers, divided with special membranes. This causes electrochemical process where the final product is electric power. Norwegian scientists are just one step behind and working on a similar technology.

According the USA scientists the biggest problem is the number of membranes used and the position of the power plant. It has to be placed in the sea. The membrane problem could be easily solved by using Microbial fuel cells. There is another solution for the salty water. By using ammonium bicarbonate, the need of salty water is eliminated, and thus there is no need to place the power plant in the sea. The head of the USA team claims that this project can be implemented all over the world and thus we will have cleaner planet. Countries that are in constant development will have the highest benefit from this technology. It is worth giving it a try, doesn’t it?


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