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New digital frames gone wild, Hp’s Dreamscreen now available

Updated on October 25, 2009
HP Dreamscreen
HP Dreamscreen

HP dreamscreen



With only a few short months away from the holiday season I have already become a shopping drone. This year I have my heart set on getting my parents one of those digital photo frames. I think they are just fantastic, one frame dozens of photo’s. So anyway here I am searching away when I discover HP is coming out with a new awesome can’t wait to get one ‘Dream screen’.

HP DreamScreens comes in two sizes, 10.2 inches and 13.3 inches. The HP DreamScreen device has 2 GB of built-in memory to upload and store music, home movies and pictures via a USB drive or flash memory card.

HP’s 10.2 inch dream screen has hit the market today and is available through for about $249. The 13.3 inch screen will hit stores starting fall/ 09, for about $299. I already plan on getting one of the larger models. This photo frame screen has many cool features, it’s not just for photo’s any longer. This snazzy new  HP device will let its users get real time Facebook updates by choosing an icon on a drag-and-drop screen. Music can also be streamed from Pandora or HP SmartRadio, a new service from the company that aggregates streams of live Internet broadcasts from more than 10,000 radio stations around the world.

This is not a tablet PC but it will allow you to connect online, view pictures, listen to music and use as a digital alarm clock, a calendar, and allows access to five day weather forecasts in you area. DreamScreen lets users see and stream pictures that have been uploaded from Snapfish, HP's online photo service.  This fancy new gadget will be the first of many to come Apple is already working on it’s own version, no doubt will blow this out of the water. But as far as function and price this is basic and won’t pull your mortgage bill out from under you. As far as I can see this is the perfect gift for family, you can program all you birthdays and special dates and fill with photos of the kids, load it with music and more. This Hp dream screen is sleek and sophisticated and runs with your wi-fi networking. Why fumble with tiny phone screens when the dream screen can hold all the same Apps.

Check out the dream screen for yourself it’s so cool…



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