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New leap motion device could be the end of the computer mouse

Updated on September 15, 2012
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leap computer interface

The days of the computer mouse just might be numbered. Imagine looking for an internet site on you computer just by using a simple hand gesture, turning the page of an e bookjust by swiping your hand. The new leap motion device will bring the end to the worry of your mouse being tangled, unable to scroll right, or just plain going out. Bringing the concept that has been used for the Wii and other gaming systems of course computers would be the next platform for such a device. This is sure to be very useful technology.

The new leap motion device for computers will be the first 3d control device that will work with natural hand and/or finger gestures. It is said that the system is over 200 times more accurate than a mouse or any other system on the market. This technology will be great for all users and hopefully decreases the amount of money spent on replacing computer accessories. The device will be as small as three inches. It is said that the device will have a starting price of only $69.99.

You may say this is great technology but why should I get it? Just imagine being a nurse or doctor working on a patient, and you need to look at their medical records. You can do all of this without even taking off your gloves. Reading an e book and changing the page with the movement of your finger. An engineer can look a different blue prints just by moving his hand. Or play a computer game without a mouse or joystick. Or an artist who can make a drawing with there bare finger tips. I don't know about you, but I get excited just thinking about all of the technology that I have seen in movies finally being brought to the real world. The first shipment will arrive in time for winter, but you can preorder it now.

Leap motion on display


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