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Nexus 6P Price Slashed $100 off! Google, Project Fi, Best Buy, Amazon

Updated on July 25, 2016

Now Its Time For the Nexus!

This just in! The Nexus 6P price has dropped off $100 on all models! Yes, you saw and heard this all right. The best of the best in the Android world has gotten a price drop. Google store and project Fi are now selling the Nexus 6P for $399.99. Not only that, but Best Buy has also dropped the price and so did Amazon! You are able to get the phone in all 4 colors as well.

Start the Fall off Right!

This is a promotion only for back to school sales. To me, this is to be expected. Surely enough, Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft are soon to follow this trend with price drops of their own. But, to me, it seems as if Google made the jump first on this thought. Google also have deals on their other products in the Google store as well. You can get $30 off Chromebooks, $5 off Chromecast accessories, and even $50 off of AnroidWear watches! Now is the time to stock up on some Google products.



Is the Nexus 6p Still Worth Buying Today?

This will probably be the most asked question right now as we head into the later part of the year for 2016 and mobile products. Is the Google Nexus 6P still worth buying today? While we all know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is underway of being unveiled in New York City next week exactly, iPhone 7 leaks continue to emerge, Moto Z and Z Force Droid are officially out with its mods and even more leaks and rumors of the next HTC Nexus are out in the wild, there is still a lot to be said about the Nexus 6P.

With this $100 price drop right puts it in battle with the other underrated Android smartphones such as the OnePlus 3, Alcatel Idol 4S, and ZTE's Axxon 7! Now all of these phones I have mentioned are right within the price range of the Nexus 6P is now, which is the $399.99 mark. Must I remind you all that the phones just mentioned are much faster and have some impressive specifications they all come with their own flavor and style as well. But we can discuss this battle in another conversation. What's important now is whether or not you should make the jump to a Nexus 6P today, or tomorrow or next week! The answer to this is really not simple at all.

The reason being will look at all the phones out now with this price point and phones out that are cheaper than 399 as well included the Nexus 5X $199 (Only on Google Project Fi). But you must take into consideration about the phone carriers you are with too. The Nexus phones are fully unlocked thanks to Google for not allowing any carrier branding on the latest Nexus phones. Not only that but since they are by Google and pure stock Android OS, there is no bloatware to be found on the Nexus 6P. What this means is that you won't see any apps that are by your phone carrier nor the OEM. You have plenty of storage and space to start from scratch with. The Nexus 6P is still getting the latest Android OS upgrades and security patches first before any of the other phones that were mentioned above. So this will mean that once Android 7.0 is officially launched in the next month or so, your phone will get the newest mobile OS on Android first! While Samsung, LG, Moto, and Sony phones will still be doing soak tests and steady upgrading their phones to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Even right now with the Nexus 6P you can download and install the latest Developer Preview 5 for Android 7.0 to see what is new before the final release! Now the last reason you might want to buy the Nexus 6P right now would be to try it out on Google Project Fi phone service. The Google phone services and plans are only exclusive to the Nexus line because it is part of the Google Nexus program. A lot of consumers really don't like this thought or idea of not allowing an iPhone nor a Galaxy phone work on Project Fi. But Google does offer data only sim cards that will work with those devices. But you must own a Nexus phone too for this to work for you. Now project uses 4 carriers (T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, and Three- UK only) and WiFi Networks. The phone plans start off at $30/month with 1GB of high-speed data. Project Fi is really great for overseas and traveling. The Nexus 6P is an awesome smartphone. One of the best in recent years when it comes to the Nexus series.

Whats On My Android Nexus 6P


5 stars for NEXUS 6P

Purchase Nexus 6P Here

Huawei Nexus 6P  unlocked smartphone, 32GB Graphite (US Warranty)
Huawei Nexus 6P unlocked smartphone, 32GB Graphite (US Warranty)

Google's latest Nexus Flagship that is available. It has a 2K display AMOLED 5.7inch screen, 12.2 MP rear camera and 8MP front facing camera. Front facing speakers (stereo). fingerprint sensor, latest Android OS.



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    • Dwight GolidayJr profile image

      Dwight Goliday Jr 22 months ago from East Saint Louis

      I use to use iOS myself. It just doesnt do it for me. With Nexus and Google's OS Android, you can do so much more with the phone itself. Even without rooting or jailbreaking. I like the Nexus and Android Beta Program this just makes the Nexus and stock OS even more fun and exclusive. You should give it a try and Google Project Fi phone service is awesome.

    • rgasperson lm profile image

      Robert T Gasperson 22 months ago from South Carolina

      I have been thinking about switching from iOS devices to an android device. It is nice to see an awesome phone dropping in price. I bet that means their new phone will be released soon. Or maybe they are just trying to compete more with iOS.