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Niche Website/ web- business ideas

Updated on August 30, 2009

1. Local/Regional websites

This has endless possibilities and might not apply to all. Even though websites are supposed to be global, users have bigger trust and faith on sites that have local names. Few easy set up sites would be a local job site. I'd focus on the town or the area. It wont be a huge moneymaker but if you are looking just for some extra cash this might be great. You can do similar things with local forum, restaurant rating, website directory, RSS news, etc, The possibilities are endless here, and can be done in town,city, state, county, country level with one element or combination of elements.

2. Online Debating

Arguments litter every forum and web hangout. They’re very rarely controlled, and scarcely intellectual, insightful, or conclusive. There must be space for an online debating site that was well-managed and moderated.

There are few sites starting like this but there is still space for a lot more.

You can suggest/start an argument. Pick a side. Build your case. Encourage the responses of others.You might be able to bring traffic at the beginning by providing some form of reward to the winners

3. Website sales

There are few of these sites already out there but you can start a new one that welcomes sites with any level of income and no listing charge, and only charge if there is a sale or even better only if the site sales above certain price. This will bring more clientelle and help build traffic.

4. Education Consulting

There are numerous education consulting site already out there but there is space for development if you wish to focus on education sites for international students planning to come to U.S for studies. You can simply answer questions, provide suggestions and provide information about how the education system here works. The income would be mainly from advertisement.

5. What I think of you

This will be a place where people can openly say what they they about their boss or co-workers or friends that they might not openly be able to say, and have users rate it and leve comments.


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